Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zaim's first banana leaf meal

Zaim had his first banana leaf meal last Saturday. This is our favourite restaurant whenever we feel like a little bit of indulging our appetite for some local Indian flavours. We don't come here often because it is about 20-25 minutes drive from our house. Imagine having to wait that long to get your first meal of the day. Not to mention the fact that we have to leave the house early because if we arrive at about 10 a.m onwards on weekdays, they would either run out of Thosai or Chutney or their awesome "weekend only" sambal or you will be waiting a good 15 more minutes to get a place to seat! No joke!
The place is called Raju's, at Jalan Gasing, PJ, next to La Salle PJ. Dining is al-fresco style. Food served - your usual Mamak/Indian fares. Our favourites - thosai telur bawang (the dhal, chutney and yes, the weekend sambal... next to nothing!), roti canai (it is divine here, super crispy!), fried chicken and fried calamari! Ooh! la!la! Parking space - not a lot (another reason to reach this place as early as possible). Serving style - on banana leaf of course.

Zaim smiling for the camera.

Bet he was wondering what this green thingy is for.

Let's have a sniff and a lick here shall we?

Papa, setting up the thosai ensemble extravaganza!

This is the fried Calamari Rings (it was soooo divine that we
actually had seconds!).

The fried chicken, more when it came to the table
but was quickly snapped up!

Nayli and her Thosai Telur Bawang.

My Thosai Telur Bawang and at the top, from L to R: remnants of the fried chicken, chutney, dhall and the "weekend sambal". All... Divine with a capital D!!!

It's finger licking good!

Zaim and Me, happy as we can be!

Zarif - full and contented.


Lady of Leisure said...

i suka makan daun pisang... kari ikan indian style sedap kan coz kuah karinya masam...

NZZ said...

cute sgt zaim masa he licked his fingers, can really see that he's really enjoying it...btw nice tudung you were wearing there..

Eti said...

Lady L, lunch daun pisang unfortunately I tak pernah kat Raju's nie, tapi pernah lah, memang sedap. Mcm2 jenis kari, campur2 pun tetap sedappp!!!

Z, Thosai nie Zaim nya fav food! Nice tudung??? Thank you, mmg my fav kind at the moment, no fuss tudung. :-D

diana sidek said...

zaim is so comel lah u!!i pon pernah dgr org komen roti canai kat raju ni mmg superb.entah bila i nak try kat sini sbb for sure akan sesat bila di PJ ni..hihi

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