Friday, May 7, 2010

Sagano at Renaissance.

Last Friday was our boss's treat, on Monday this week was another colleague's treat!
What a department I'm in right? Email me to submit your resume. ;;) 

Lunch location : Sagano @ Renaissance Hotel

Sagano (what else could it say right?).

This is what we got much much later after having a sumptious selection from the buffet table for appetizers. It was unbelievable how food we actually consumed before this arrived. I only have a tiny bite of the rice though. To finish everything would be crazy.

Yup, everyone opted for the Lobster Main Entree even though there was Beef and I can't tell you what else coz' our eyes really did stop at the Lobster, no  one bothered to consider anything else.

The whole lot, oh except one guy who is "stuck" or probably
frozen at Head Office still, :-D.

I never resist a photo op. Shiny face, Eti? I think it's the camera flash!

The starter buffet. This side is the tempura, oysters, sashimi, california rolls made to order etc etc etc etc etc. Yes, the choices were amazing.

I quite like this vegetables and mushrooms boiled in chicken broth.

Dessert buffet.

The desserts were simple and yet divine!

There was an even ABC machine for DIY ABCs.

My dessert plate.

Green tea mixed with chocolate ice-cream with orange
slices, chocolate & nut bar and a slice of cake.

Me and my boss.

My verdict: Simple yet Divine.

Good place, not a lot of people at lunch time, the buffet is good and reasonable I thought. Wouldn't mind coming again. Maybe you should suggest this restaurant if someone at your work place decides to be generous one day.


diana sidek said...

hey hey!!heaven nya jadi u ni. asyik org belanja..cepat2!!me want to work there!hihih...

CiKaYu said...

i nak anta my resume kat ofis u skrg juga...heheehehh...nge..nge

Eti said...

Diana, ha!ha! memang heaven... alah kannya selalu... sekali-sekala jeeer...

Cik Ayu, mari2, anta resume, :-)

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