Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher's Day Prep.

Teacher's Day Celebration in Nayli's school is today. So yesterday when I came home from work, I had to help her organise the gifts that she wanted to take to school today.

I bought the gifts just yesterday, she wasn't specific so I went on a spree. I ended up with some greeting cards, both in English and Bahasa, some gifts and additional print out gift cards just in case. 

Nayli's gifts and cards for her teachers, Zarif has the exact
same stuff, but his is on June 4th.

She decided in order to maximise the number of teachers receiving something from her, she will spilt the cards and the gifts. Those teachers receiving gifts, will get the print out cards instead of the Memory Lane cards. Good thinking, girl!

Admist the cards and gifts.

Writing out the cards.

Gosh, it's tough business this teacher's day events, not to mention pricey too. Ha!ha! I must be more prepared next year in order for me to plan a better value for money gifts and cards. Well  I thought this is it for the year all sorted since I have already gotten stuff for Zarif's school in advance when, before retiring for the night, Nayli mentioned, "oh by the way Mama, just to let you know, at my Sekolah Agama (Religious School), the Teacher's Day celebration will be held on Friday". OMG!!!


The bubur caca lover.... said...

Gosh! Cannot imagine doing the same for my children. I am thanking my lucky stars that I don't have to do all that for at least 2 years (since there is no Teacher's Day in Japan!) :P

diana sidek said...

hahah!!funny bila part nayli mentioned she'll have the teacher's day celebration jugak. mmg pricey kan stuff for teacher's day now at least ur children ingat to appreciate their teachers. :)

TK said...

Betul..boleh tahan gak kos nak bg hadiah ni..but at least we teach our children to be generous and to appreciate their teachers. My son slalu kene marah dgn gurubesar who is also teaching him cause he is naughty. My son refused to give him a present. I yg paksa. Yesterday when he handed over the present to the GB, she hugged and kissed my son and told him kimsalam kat mak ye!At least my son doesnt hate her anymore.

Eti said...

The bucur caca lover,
Tak buat karang, sian pulak kat dia, kawan2 dia semua bagi something kat cikgu, dia tak de kan??? So you can lepak lah for the next 2 yrs or save up ha!ha!

I try not to spend so much tapi campur2, jadi banyak lah jugak...

So sweet! Sejuk hati GB anak you to agaknya, He!he!

ERMAYUM said...

iya pricey kan teacher's day sekarang budak2 yg demand for them heheh

Imma said...


BTW, salam singgah and selamat hari ibu dari cikgu..heee...

I follow u yer.. ;-)

Ray said...

Do kids nowadays made to feel obligated about giving gifts to their teachers during Teacher's Day now?

If like that, imagine what it's gonna be like when my time comes if I have kids in the future:((..

But knowing teachers, I know that they don't expect those gifts from their students. Most will say as long as their students turn out to be OK, jadi anak2 berguna, they are just as thankful that their job is done.

So I think it's good to also teach our kids to show their gratitude to their teachers by being the people they are hoped to be, kan?

Eti said...


Iya lah don't think I spent that much dulu2.

Hi Imma,
Thanks for following my blog!

Yup, I follow what you are saying, as long as the kids are not competing with each other as who gives the best gift kinda thing. So far no such feedback from my girl, good lah I guess.

Salmah said...

Dear Eti,
As a teacher, we don't expect these gifts. However, we do appreciate the thoughts. To cut cost, you can help your children make their own cards. These home-made cards are more meaningful. Not to mention the quality, bonding time you will have with your kids while doing them.

Mak Tam

Eti said...


Yes MakTam, I hear you! :-D

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