Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ironman 2

Thursday 29, April 2010
Location : at home

Conversation between my 6 yr old Zarif and myself : Mama, can you and Papa take the day off tomorrow (Friday 30, April 2010). Right after I finish school, can we go to the cinemas. I saw on tv they said that Ironman 2 will be showing in cinemas on 30 April. Tomorrow IS 30 April!!!
OMG! Can you believe that??? He wants me to take the day off just to catch Ironman 2 on the very day that it's out!!! Well, so happens that I was on leave on Friday. However, we didn't plan to go on Friday at all. I actually already bought tickets on Thursday afternoon for Saturday afternoon. When I told Zarif this, he was worried that by then, Ironman 2 screening would be over. However, that one day and a half wait was absolute torment for him. He kept asking, when are we going to the cinemas??? He!he! Anyway, 4:45 p.m finally arrived.

So Marvel comics lovers, Ironman lovers, Tony Stark's fans, Audi fans or hubby may even add Scarlett Johansson's fans (hmmm!)... whichever category that you fall into well wait no longer. Not to be missed! Zarif sure loved it!!

Oh by the way, let me just add, if you are a handbag lover please pay close attention to Gwyneth Paltrow's handbag towards the 2nd half of the show. Been googling it all weekend to no avail. It's a definite Ferragamo in solid black. It's just divine... my gasps were even louder when I saw this compared to when the R8 appeared in the movie! Tell me what you think... yeah ok, about the movie too if you must.


Lady of Leisure said...

ironman ramai org kata best kan and as usual i ll wait for the dvd hehe

Ray said...


Watched the movie with my girlfriends on our ladies' outing last Saturday jugak (after the dinner) adn eventhou kitorang pilih tpt yg agak kureng fofuler sikit (GCS Tropicana) we still ended up having to sit at the front row:((..on a 1AM show!! Imagine that. But too bad I didn't really pay that much attention to which bag GP was using, because
A: Sakit tengkuk mendongak beb!!Hahahhaha...
B: Ngantuk la...show pukul 1AM kan...Kejap2 I actually dozed off
C: Penta + kenyang sebab makan banyak sangat hahahaha...

I reckon one of these days I need to go watch it again la. But I enjoyed the movie too;)

CiKaYu said...

i havent see the movie yet...normally we wait for the dvd instead of going to the cinema. bout the GP's hbag, suddenly it urge me to see the movie immediately....

Eti said...

Lady L, DVD effects dia best ke? Unless you have home theatre best la kot. :-)

Ray and Ci Ayu, ha!ha! yes!yes! must watch the movie again for another reason!!!

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