Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crunch time.

Next week is exam week in school, final year exams! So it's crunch weekend at home. Swimming lessons today has been cancelled so that the kids can start their revision early and have a whole day to focus, focus and focus.

Yesterday was not so bad.

Zarif spent sometime revising, finishing some exercise books.

Kakak decided to take a break first before actually sitting down for some serious revision.

Finally, she sat down and did some work.

Zaim busied himself with Disney
Today however, motivation is at an all time low... sigh!

Is this a motivated pose?

How about this??? Errrkkk....
Hang in there kids, just one more week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The game for ruffians played by gentlemen... I totally get it!

I was rather worried early on in September when hubby warned me of what's coming between 9th September to 23rd October. There goes my weekends I thought, I'll be stuck at home unable to go anywhere as a family because of Rugby World Cup, hurrah! But then, I realised, it would be nearing the kids' school exam time, we are supposed to be staying in and ensure that they complete their homework and do a bit of revision, thought I'd prepare them early this year. Should be pretty good idea to be at home on weekends after all. So the rugby world began... this means we will try to complete errands in the morning to make sure we are in front of the telly by game time.

If you cannot beat them... watch rugby! Since I am stuck at home, and kids tend to busy themselves with homework, or rather avoiding homework, or playing computer I ended up at the couch accompanying hubby watch the early rugby matches, the potato chips were initially the major pulling factor really. By the 3rd week.... even I check out the official RWC website! Yup, hooked! So which team? It's kind of a given... if your second half studied at Dunedin, New Zealand. Uhuh! Okay... yes I have always known the existence of All Blacks, we've been married for over a decade now, how can I not know All Blacks by now. But I thought without Jonah Lomu... is it worth watching???

Until I was introduced to DC (hubby is still not over the fact that he is out of RWC, truthfully I think it's quite sad too), SBW, Slade, Kahui, Vito, Kaino, Nonu, Winnie the Pooh okay sorry Weepu (this guy sure can kick! next to DC and Sladey of course! oops, not to forget the young Cruden too) and how can I miss McCaw! After weeks of watching ABs play... other teams pale in comparison. All Blacks' gorgeous players play so well!!! Honestly, the fact that they look good while playing the game and those tight tight jerseys... , well it makes the 80 minutes even more exciting. I only watch England because I have a soft spot for the country and I like to see Wilkinson's stance before he kicks. Though I have to say, their black jersey... bad taste. Please stick to the original white why don't you.

As far as the game is concerned and how it's being played, it's difficult for me to explain how I almost get it. Almost! I don't get it totally still and it still amazes me how closely the referee scrutinize whatever that they do and try to achieve in a scrum. I still go... huh! When my hubby goes whoa!!! Now that's a good scrum! Okkkaeee!!!

I almost understand the game, really cause I know when to cheer (though, I did stupidly ask hubby, after a conversion what are we supposed to say? CONVERTED!!! (totally unscreamable word), it's not goal is it???) I understand the scoring system, the need of a try, the satisfaction of a converted try and the not to be proud of drop goals... but much needed penalty kicks when you're playing against team that are trying to play dirty. The players seem to respect the referee's decision and there's no drama and too many fake injuries like in soccer matches. I totally noticed this about rugby. Plus to earn those points... it's not just a matter of getting the ball in between the goal posts. Way more interesting than football. Right, enuff said. I leave it to the sports writers/reporters to explain the intricacies of the game, or just refer to the official RWC website for details or even Wikipedia of the dos and don'ts of Rugby.

However, what I want to share with you if you can appreciate it, this article that I read in our free daily paper that I also found accidentally online:What ruffians can learn from gentlemen. by Bob Holmes. I find it really amusing.

If you cannot appreciate that then ladies out there must be able to appreciate this article: Rugby World Cup: Top 10 World Cup Hunks (+ photos). in the nzherald and All Blacks players ratings: the hunk factor. Ha!ha!ha! Enjoy and don't miss the Semi-Finals this afternoon, you are not too late to catch the blokes in action.

For today's match, I'll be rooting for France (simply because I love their dark blue jersey, hope they'll be wearing that) but it's pretty tricky if Wales are considered the ABs of the Northern Hemisphere!!! Really? I dunno, I have missed Wales games so far. (as if I can tell!) Ha!ha!ha!

I am more looking forward for the Sunday match... All Blacks vs Wannabes ooops I mean the Wallabies.

The line up:
 All Blacks: Israel Dagg, Cory Jane, Conrad Smith, Ma'a Nonu, Richard Kahui, Aaron Cruden, Piri Weepu, Kieran Read, Richie McCaw (c), Jerome Kaino, Brad Thorn, Sam Whitelock, Owen Franks, Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock. Reserves: Andrew Hore, Ben Franks, Ali Williams, Victor Vito, Andy Ellis, Stephen Donald, Sonny Bill Williams. 

Wallabies: Well... we'll know on Sunday won't we?

Good Luck ABs... you can bet my Zaim will be doing the Hakka or is it the Kapa O Pango? with you guys before the start of the match! I'd download the video of Zaim doing the remix version of both combined, but the files too big, pity!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Zarif's khatam Quran.

Last Saturday it was Zarif's big moment. It was his day of khatam Al-Quran. He actually completed reading the Quran a few months earlier, but the event to commemorate this was postponed until after the busy Eid month (read: my darling caterer friend wasn't willing to accommodate us then). Plus my mother has just recovered from an exhaustive chemo treatment and had just only gotten well enough to get back into daily her routine. Credit of course goes to my mother who has tirelessly been teaching Zarif to read ever since he was 4 plus. Nayli too completed reading the whole Quran for the very first time when she was 7, and my mother had a major do then too being her first grandchild and all. Here are some pictures from last Saturday.

My boy, cool and confident.

Wan (grandmother) in yellow hijab, watching proudly.

Is it chow time yet?

Oops... there they are! Yummy roasted lamb. For catering details, contact me!

Time to tuck in.

Wan, Mak Long and Zaim... no Zarif.

With Nayli and Zaim, still no Zarif!

Here he is with neighbour buddy Adin and his iPad.

The celebrated boy, enjoying his ribs.

Yummy! Boy do you deserve it! Well done, Zarif!!! We love you very much!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011... still.

It's been ages since I have blogged. I have been terribly busy at work... but amazingly it's been crazily busy at home too. Plus, the kids managed to hog the computers during those times that I feel like going online, but when the computers are free, I'm either in the kitchen, or just don't feel like blogging or unifi starts acting funny and these past few weeks I have also been sucked into the world of RWC (more about this soon... if I ever get the luxury to blog peacefully). I cannot go on and blog about this and that without revisiting the Hari Raya pictures that I never did manage to put up before. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves even though it isn't Wordless Wednesday... 

1st Day of Hari Raya at Tok Mummy's.

My parents and brother joined us too.

Scenes at the kampung.

2nd day at home before raya visits.

Some shots while I try to get the timer to work.


Hari Raya Guests & Fireworks!!!

Hubby's cousins.

The adorable Mika.

All ready to go and play.

Girls' do with my girl-friends from school.

Friends forever...
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