Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Labour Day... labourers???

Happy Labour Day (a day earlier) people!!! Today is a lovely unexpected holiday for me cause I totally forgot that it's an off day (as a replacement for 1st May that falls on a Saturday) until only a couple of days ago! Gonna be enjoying my day away from the office. Wohoo!!! Hope you all have a good day too!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While you (Nayli) were in school all day... (Part 2)

Nayli dearest, this is where we went after the playground session last Saturday. It was a bookstore that belongs to Aunty Mary's (yes Mary Yap, you're Aunty Mary!) brother. Aunty Mary and I have been friends since school. She has told me about the bookshop ages ago, in fact most of my friends have been to the shop many times already. It's just that I have not had the chance to take you kids there earlier. Since Papa was around last weekend, I thought I'd go check it out so that we could go on our own next time.

The bookshop is called BookXcess and is situated at Amcorp Mall, Level 3.

Here's the entrance.
Look at the sign, all those books cost less than RM10!!!

There were even the Little Miss series.

Yup! It is in Malaysian Ringgit Nayli!

Zarif was so excited to find his Bionicles Book Series.

He just cannot decide!

I found books by my current new found fav author for only RM17.90!!! 
This is not even the regular RM35++ copy but the RM52.90 one.

There was even those in hardcover for only RM19.90, but I didn't take that one because it's difficult to handle. The range of the Chic Lit books available is just Amazing!!!

Zaim was too exhausted after the playground that he was asleep the whole time we were at the bookshop or else he would have loved to see the collection of Picture Books just right for his age group.

I also found a book that is just my blog's namesake he!he! I should get it next time.

Papa headed for the Sports/Games, but eventually ended up with a Teach Yourself Mandarin Audio CDs that were less than RM25!

I also found the whole Twilight Saga even in hardcovers all selling at less than RM20. Good thing my Twilight "Saga" were all courtesy of Aunty Izam or else I would have shed a tear or two thinking the amount that I could save buy purchasing them here instead!

That's me waiting in line at the check out area with all the books. Never have I needed a basket while shopping for books before. I really can get use to this.

Zarif was the happiest because he got away with the most number of books. Imagine, the Bionicle series at RM2 each (there was even a RM1-3 only area!!!) when it would have easily cost RM14-RM17 outside!!! He also got an Encyclopedia on Dinosaurs for below RM20!!!

The whole lot not more than RM130! Yup, you got two books too! You love them right? That's ok, we can go again next time so that you can choose your own books.

I got a free book mark with charms for signing up for membership or was it for spending above RM50 since they were having a special World Book/Reading Day or something like that.

So are you really excited to check out the bookstore? Don't worry I don't mind going again since I also spotted many many shops that were oh so inviting, not to mention the flea market that was going on while we were there. Maybe we could do a girls only thing next... he!he!he!

While you (Nayli) were in school all day... (Part 1).

Dear Nayli, after we sent you off to school last Saturday we did a couple of things... We are really sorry you missed it, but you were going to be in school all day that day till 5:30p.m in fact, there really is no excuse as to why we couldn't wait. Sorry! We promise to take you along next time.

Firstly we zoomed straight to Bangsar to have breakfast at our favourite place. We will not be updating any pictures this time because we had what we always have when we go there for breakfast. Papa and Zarif (Zaim shared with Zarif of course) had they Big Breakie as usual, and Zarif had Hot Chocolate. While Mama had her Waffles since she still has not gotten her much sought after waffle maker.

Secondly, we wanted to check out a bookshop, however it was too early so we decided to wait at the Lake Garden's playground. Zaim and Zarif had a wonderful time running around. This was not even the main playground area. We discovered a smaller play area by the car park. However, it was enough for the two boys to have a good time! 

Zaim enjoying the swing.

A little afraid but it was way too much fun to stop.

Zaim had his first "helicopter" ride!

Trying another swing, not sure what he's frowning at though.


You cannot go to the playground without going on the see-saw.

We're going on a trip on our favourite rocket ship....

We see the beginnings of a rock climber perhaps???

Zarif even managed to make some new friends.

Zarif's favourite had to be this sliding bar.

Even though it was a rather overcast morning, it was still quite warm. Luckily, the lure of getting some books for themselves worked  to make these two boys to eventually leave the playground, with the promise of returning sometime soon of course.

Yes Nayli, what about the bookstore? you are wondering... Patience girl, we will update you on that in the next entry....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Farewell for Azlyn.

This is another group of life long friends, we have known each other since we were in school. I was the new comer since I joined the school (an all girls school) when I was in Standard 6. I have known Azlyn a little longer ever since we were in Standard 4 I think, because we went to the same religous school. The great thing about our group of 11 or so friends is that we weren't all in the same class. We only re-grouped in the mornings before class and during breaktime and since we were in a day school we don't spend much time together after schooling hours either. Yet till now we keep in touch even though not on frequent basis, we still keep in touch. Enough to know that we will miss Azlyn now that she is in Cairo following hubby who has just been re-assigned.  

We met up for a late lunch at Alexis, GEM two Sundays ago for a simple farewell. It was just the 5 of us, Carol (who is back for a sabatical of some sort from the UK), myself, Eva, Azlyn of course and Mariza. The rest could not make it. Some had other plans and another half of us are actually scattered everywhere around the globe.

Azlyn and her not so new found hobby in the form of 500D.

Azlyn showing Eva some candid shots of her.

Carol and Mariza.

Me and Azlyn.

Azlyn - hope you are reading this... what about the pictures from your camera? Do email them yah! Hope you are settling ok over there!!! Looking forward to your blog!!! Do start one woman! Take care.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Divine or Dreadful?

Hi all, Introducing what I plan to be a regular feature in my blog updates.

Divine or Dreadful ?

Whenever there is something to discuss or contemplate on, I may update an item/restaurant/situation (you catch my drift) and would ask your opinion on it? Divine or Dreadful? Here's my first post on it...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Window shopping for Shoes.

Are you those strong-willed individuals, the type when your're not supposed to shop you do actually AVOID going to the shops altogether? Well, I'm not! Ha!ha! I still go on ahead to oogle and salivate at every thing imaginable and oogle-able. But really, already I'm refraining from shopping, do I have to refrain myself from window-shopping too?

To me, window shopping is like browsing through magazines, just better coz you gotta test out the goods and sometimes, they do cast a spell on you and without you realizing it, you will suddenly get home with the goods in your hand! You understand what I'm saying, I KNOW!!! Glad we're on the same page. Read on...

A few days back during lunch time, Z simply thought that she cannot live another day without shoe shopping coz she really does not have ANY shoes at all to wear! None, whatsoever! Yeah, like I need a valid reason. Of course, I agreed to follow her shoe shopping! What better way to miss a gym session other than to go shoe shopping!!!

We zoomed straight to our favourite brand, Clarks. Sometimes this brand do have "not-so aunty" designs enough to be considered fashionable! Yes, I have a couple that I have worn and received a few compliments, so that's not bad right? Well, we love Clarks coz the design is ok and first and foremost it is so comfortable. I broke  my "no heels ever rule" by wearing Clarks wedges! Now I feel like I can wear heels even when I am taking the train home. Managed to take some pictures while shoe hunting.


Fell in love with this clogs. I am sooo into mules and clogs. Love em!

Love this one too. So comfortable!

Z trying a couple of pairs. (Bought them both, nice!) 

I saw a couple of GEOX that I fell in love with, the price turned me off though even with a 10% discount. It looks just like the pair of loafers that I had when I was studying.

And this one, I am one ballerina flats freak too! Gorgeous and again, it is a GEOX, same reason as above. But then again both shoes combined, may not even get me half a Jimmy Choo, so when I'm feeling really lousy and needing a pick me-up I might revisit this section of the store, if you catch my drift!

Last one, I tried this lovely thing by Joy and Peace. Nice, but really I already have a black patent sling back, I need something else, so I guess I just have to go on searching. Until my next expedition. Ooops! what am I saying here, I was just accompanying Z right? I wasn't looking for any shoes at all, honest!!

note to readers: I do apologise if the pictures of feet put you off but how else can we discuss shoes without them being in them? :-D
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