Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not looking forward to next week.

It's exam week next week for Nayli, my 9 year old.
Not sure who's dreading it more, either her or me.

Her take on preparing for it...


My take on it...

Well... you get the picture!


TK said...

yes! I did get the picture! Haha!..Just yesterday I berleter kat my son..

Yummy Mummy said...

Suka gambar tu! Very apt! Hahaha! My eldest is only 5, dia pun ada exam next week. I belum obsessed lagi with grades tho :D

Eti said...

TK and Yummy Mummy,
My daughter is super cool about it. I yang nervous nie!!!

Obsessed with grades? ME? Mana ade???
Ok, maybe just a weee bit!!! ha!ha!

diana sidek said...

good luck to nayli ok eti...i'm sure she'll try out her very best just for her mummy..hihi

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