Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and Birthday Hi-Tea.

How was your Mother's Day weekend? I trust that everyone had a great time. Incidentally, mother's day falls on my mother's birthday. It's always a double celebration for her. We went for hi-tea in Equatorial, KL. Simple hi-tea buffet. The food spread was quite good, the dessert even better!

Our Mummy pack! Yup, Crabtree & Evelyn paper bag... full stop. No, Crabtree & Evelyn stuff at all! The only 2 things that I loved about the Mummy goodie bag was the Twinning Loose English Breakfast tea leaf (cause it came in a lovely can) and Shokubutsu hand wash (cause we ran out of hand wash, and I could instantly use it in my bathroom). Simple skincare had a pamphlet, noticed that there was even a booth outside the coffee house, but they didn't even provide miniature samples! Tsk!tsk! Quite dissapointing. Anyhow, since we didn't expect any goodie bags in the first place, still ok and quite nice of the hotel management to provide the flowers and stuff.

We started off with the asparagus soup and rolls.

I love the rolls. Whenever I go to buffets, this is what I will check out first, if their rolls are any good, I normally would go for seconds. I am just such a bread person.Yumm!

My father.

The birthday girl! Happy Birthday Mak, we all love you to bits!
Zaim had the soup for starters too.

Nayli and Zarif had only one or perhaps two servings of the
main entree before heading for the dessert buffet!

The Mothers.

There was even a fashion show.

A cake cutting ceremony for the mums. The organiser called on all mothers in the house to go on stage. Seriously? Imagine if everybody did go up? Look at the size of the stage... he!he! no, I didn't go.

Zaim went from soup to fruits and directly to ice-cream!!!

My brother.

When ask to pose for the camera...

Seriously now!

The atuk, entertaining his grandchildren's requests for more desserts.

Ooh lala! Simply Sinful isn't it?

There was a band serenading the guests from table to table too.

My dessert plate - Strawberry tart, Tiramisu, Macaroon and Lime Parfait.
(Shared with Nayli of course! :-))

I should have taken a picture of the number of dessert bowls that this boy ended up with!

Nayli and Wan.

Zaim was a gone case with the ice-cream.

Oh, my baby, what happened to you?

He totally was into his ice-cream bowl... suddenly...

a little accident on the chair and on my lap! good thing I was wearing black!

Aww man!!! No more ice-cream for me???

Emmmm, I don't think so chubby cheeks!

Some lime to refresh his palate... eeeew sour!

Zarif and Mama.

Atuk Abah and Wan.

My babies and me.


Yummy Mummy said...

Looks like you had loads of fun! Your parents look so young as well :D

Eti said...

Yummy Mummy, I am the first child, so my parents still are relatively young la kot, :-).

ERMAYUM said...

dear anak u semua acuan u iya yang kecik tu muncung u heeheh

can ili be akmal? said...

happy mother's day to you and your mom.may god bless you all.

my mother's birthday is today.My MOM is someone who will never accept any gifts if I use my money to buy the gifts.Every year I have to get creative to think of something about giving her a gift..huhu.She's my queen!

can ili be akmal? said...

puan,anda diminta melaporkan diri ke balai canilibeakmal... you've been tagged!!

Eti said...

Thanks Ili. Alamak! Kena saman pulak ke nie... ok nanti saya dtg.

Eti said...

Erma, he!he! kemana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasik??? :-D

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