Monday, May 3, 2010

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Experience

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of dining at the "golden sister" of the renowned Pak Loh restaurant in Hong Kong. Yes, it's the name of a restaurant here at Starhill, KL. Click on the picture on the left for more information.
We were taken to this restaurant for a lunch treat (which made the experience even more divine) by our boss, perhaps a pre-Labour Day treat. We had Dim Sum which continued what felt like endlessly. Our boss enjoys her food, which makes eating with her "fulfilling"... get my drift?

Pak Loh Chiu Chow
(like I know, for sure!)

Cosy atmosphere amidst furniture specially brought in from China... so it says on the site.

Closer look at the table settings.

Part of the Dim Sum dishes... all were simply divine.

There were more dishes but we were too busy eating we forgot to take pictures of everything.

I want them all... my colleague Azlan acting for the camera to torment another
colleague who is away at our head office.
The Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup is just out of this world,
(good thing since it was  RM15 per serving).

Fried Rice

My little tiny plate... he!he! the raddish cake was just yumm!

The lovely transparent tea pot -Bodum style eh? I like.

Soaked tea leaves.

The dessert - lotus something... I can't remember. The lotus filling and the pastry sheets was just unbelievably good that we ordered another one and almost forgave them for not having durian pancakes that day. Almost!

Lovely unplanned lunch. Thanks boss. I can get use to this... :-D
p/s pictures courtesy of Z, thanks babe.


Lady of Leisure said...

wow bestnya.... i never had dim dum in my life tau.. hehehe... the place pun nampak very cozy kan... thanks for sharing dear..

diana sidek said...

lucky u eh dpt makan free from ur boss. :D
i don't like dim sum but the dessert tu mmg yummeh!i pernah rasa tp bukan kat sinilah. maybe one day i should try.

Eti said...

Lady L, the place even though not indoors memang best dah selesa. you should try dim sum... sedap!!!!

Diana, memang lucky dpt makan free. dessert tu pun sedap, that was my first time

Ray said...


Ya that lotus paste pastry tu memang my favorite jugak wheneverv I dine at Chinese restaurants or even during dinner functions. Lagi la when it's served hot...Oh so divine!!

The other nite me nad osme girl friends plak went out for middle east feast kat Pavi. Will blog about it later today kot. You shd try it, sipa ada belly dance performance lagi. Best!

Erkk..I buat iklan percuma je ni hahahhaha

Eti said...

Memang sedap lah Ray, yes we had it warm too! Simply Divine kan???

Middle Eastern Feast with belly dancing??? Yes, I think I have heard and passed this restaurant a couple of times, thot it was Fine Dining so cam eerrkkk tak mahal ke???
Ok, will check out your update on it.

ERMAYUM said...

bagusnya boss sampai ke star hil - bos lanjo ke company lanjo heheh - bos claim balik la :)

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