Sunday, May 9, 2010

Divine or Dreadful?

Ladies, have you ever tried this Tanamera brown formulation bar soap?

I was given one by a lovely friend to try and now I am hooked. Finished it already and now I am scrambling all over to look for another one. Hubby loved it too, said it makes his skin feels fresh and clean. So before he is back, thought I might go look for it.

After one bar, my verdict is SIMPLY DIVINE, though my daughter thinks it's simply dreadful as she said it smells of dirt! Ha!ha!

Try it yourself and find out if you think it's Simply Divine or otherwise.


AA said...

Wah. good testimony. Where to get?

Eti said...

AA, boleh click on the picture to go to their website to check the spa locations. :-D

nj said... can easily get it from a TANAMERA kiosk at KL Sentral...right in front of the Fruit/Juice Shop..

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