Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simply "Delightful" & Divine Piece of Work!

OMG! What do you get when you cross an Artsy, a Neverfull and a Galliera Monogram Canvas all into one? None other than this Delightful beauty of course!!!

I gasp when browsing the ilvoelv.com website, and saw this. It took a second for the picture to be displayed, the title made my heart skipped a little, but of course when the picture was displayed, my heart stopped!!! Feast your eyes on this beauty. I am supposed to be off LV, I am!!! So I really had no business of checking out the website in the first place, I know, but that's too late now! There was that business with the Stressa, sigh! LV stop already!!! (Emmm actually don't! he!he!)

Delightful GM

Delightful GM, Interior

Delightful MM
(I prefer this one without the zipper)

Delightful MM, Interior

Delightful PM

Delightful PM, Interior

Breathe people, breathe!!!
Oh, I meant breathe Eti breathe!!!

I am not even gonna bother asking whether it's Simply Divine or Dreadful, because ladies and gentleman (if any) this is by all means SIMPLY DIVINE, all capitals darling!


ERMAYUM said...


diana sidek said...

i dah pengsan because it is wayyyy beyond my budget..hehhehe!!!

CiKaYu said...

gojes & totally DIVINE...i pula nk pengsan..

Eti said...

Ladies... what can I say??? Sigh!!! :-D

screamingmommy said...

It's nice..looking at the design it should be lightweight at least at par with gallierra:) eventhough the shape is almost like artsy..the only setback i find in artsy is it's weight..a bit heavy due to the handle. Wonder when it's coming to KL..as usual laa kan..delayed by few months:)

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