Thursday, May 6, 2010

If you were me...

If you were given these 4 choices to choose from which would you choose as your 10 Years Service Award? There are more but I had it narrowed down to these 4.

  1. Selberan 750 Gold Pendant
  2. Royal Selangor Pewter Isthmus bowl and trinket box
  3. Royal Selangor Pewter Mandarin Ice photoframe (4R) and tall vase
  4. Samsung digital camera EC-PL101 (12.0 Megapixel, 3 X optical zoom, 2 view, 2.7" LCD with 2GB card)
I am contemplating on items 3 because I can always use the photo frame, and I don't mind pewter stuff.

Some suggested the Gold Pendant as it could always be sold off, but I thought if I do, there goes my 10 years sweat and blood evidence poof dissapearing into thin air.

The digital camera, if it is no longer working again same reason as not taking the gold pendant...

You may be wondering what about the rest? There are 13 items to choose from altogether, but trust me the rest just aren't worth considering. Akira 9" Portable DVD player... pffft! please, are you serious?

So anyone out there, help!!! What say you???


can ili be akmal? said... is sure hard to choose from.if i were you,i would say the pewter would be the best.because you can keep it for years.i love the tall vase.

cikayu said...

my 1st choice is a frame pewter. u can put your photo and it has sentimental value. you can send it for engraving for '10 years service award'...good luck

diana sidek said...

hmmmmm....susah ye nak decide which one but for me i would go for the gold pendant. reason? hmmm..entah maybe sbb hati i kata "go go gold pendant!", in d end what's your choice?

Eti said...

Thanks for your suggestions ladies,

In the end, I chose #3, I love picture frames and I love Selangor Pewter. Nak beli sendiri... almaklumlah kannn. So, org nak bagi... ok ajeeeee!!! :-)

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