Friday, May 14, 2010

Quit smoking the easy way.

Are you smoking or you have a spouse who smokes?
Do you yourself wish to stop smoking?
Do you wish your spouse stops smoking?
Do your children wish you or you spouse stops smoking?
Or are you thinking about picking up smoking?


My hubby came home from work a couple of weeks ago, declaring I'm doing this because of you kids! The kids have been bugging him to stop smoking, he has been getting a lot of nagging from them. Here are some of the stuff that he has been getting from Nayli and Zarif:

  • Papa, did God ask you to smoke? (Zarif) - must be because he sees his Papa smokes "religiously"!!!
  • "Papa, don't you pity me?", Nayli said one day. "Why Nayli?", her father asked. "Well, just think. I will be left on my own with my brothers and Mama is all alone to take care of us. You smoke all the time! My teacher said, ... Smokers have the tendency to die early! Who's gonna take care of us when you're gone?", answered Nayli.
Thanks to them, I don't have to say anything, ha!ha! Well, looks like their nagging works. Hubby bought himself this E-cigarettes. Have you heard of this before? I haven't. Apparently, it looks, feels, tastes like a cigarette but it isn't one! Difficult to believe? I know!

It's supposed to give smokers a real "smoking" experience without the dangerous chemicals, carcinogens, fire, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash or smell found in real cigarettes. There are no side effects and not detectable by smoke detectors.

I can confirm that yes, I have to agree with the smoke and smell bit. Hubby never smokes when we are in the car with him. However, since the E-Ciggy, he can smoke even without winding down the windows. No smell & smoke, just vapour. It's even safer than Shishas. Amazing!

So ladies, if your hubby is still smoking the conventional ciggys, time to introduce this to him eh? Check out their website at smokerhaven. Just don't get attracted by their Shisha Strawberry and Chocolate Indulgence flavoured catridges though!


can ili be akmal? said...

wah,your kids turn him to be a good yet better papa.huhu.

saya penah dgr satu cerita ni.papa budak ni tanya "nanti kalo dapat 5A upsr nak hadiah apa?" budak tu jawab "saya taknak hadiah apa2.saya nak papa berhenti merokok" woosh.respek btul kat budak ni.She wants her father to stop smoking if she passed the test.

diana sidek said...

good eh but my dad has stopped smoking u yrssss i wish at that time ada this thing sure i will ask my mom to get it for him..hihih!!

Eti said...

Ili, hmmm kadang2 elok jugak budak2 nie cakap macam tu kan???

Diana, my father pun dah lama tak isap rokok, kalau tak I pun would buy him this.

Blogger said...

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