Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zaim is 2 years old today.

24 months ago, you came into our world.

The lil' dik-dik(adik) to your kakak and abang.

One and a half months later you could still fit snuggly into my sling.

When you were almost 2 months, you had your first hair cut, albeit unwillingly.

This is you Zaim, at 2 months! Our little (maybe not so little, Michelin Baby).

You had a slight fever when you were a little over 2 months. Poor munchkin, and yet you perservered and continued "reading" your books! Good boy!

You managed to fit snuggly into Kakak's, then Abang's old
Moo Moo jumpsuit when you were a little over 3 months.
We loved it when you wore this PJs.

Abang only fit into this swing when he was almost 6 months,
yet, you almost outgrew it as early as 3 months plus!!

Remember your first Eid, when you were 5 months? That's you in white! Sorry, we thought you were a little too young to wear something like what Papa and Abang wore.

Zaim, at 7 months you became our official ducky! He!he!

You start playing dressing up, early huh?

Remember your first trip to the beach when you were just 7 months?

What about your trip to the zoo a month after?

This picture was taken on your 1st Birthday party a year ago! 

You took your first step soon after!

Last year, when you were a year and 3 months, you celebrated Eid in style eh?
All matchy with your abang.

At one and a half months, you discovered the joy of a beach holiday!
Since then your have progress tremendously from a little baby to...

Zaim, who loves to exercise.

Zaim, who loves his milk.

Zaim, the devout muslim!

Zaim, the handy helper and greenfinger.

Zaim, the cat lover.

Zaim, the speed racer.

A never seen before video of you on your automobile.

Zaim, the food lover.

Zaim, the avid reader.

Looking forward to seeing what other things you'd be learning and mastering in this coming year. Just to let you know, Mama, Papa, Kakak and Abang love you to bits.
Happy 2nd Birthday Zaim, we have enjoyed the past 24 months tremendously!


CiKaYu said...

happy birthday zaim...u r such a wonderful boy. be good boy k...xoxo


alahai tomeinye dier

marlini ridlis said...

i love the moo-moo jumpsuit!

Lady of Leisure said...

happy birthday zaim...comelnya... i suka sangat yang pic zaim in momo moo jumpsuit tu hehehe sooooo adorable....
lucky u ada anak2 yg comel...

Miss S said...

comel sgt sgt sgt!!! happy bday to the lil one :)

Ray said...

Happy Birthday Zaim!!!

Grow up to be a good boy, great brother to kakak and abang, and the best boy for Mama and Papa ok!!!:D

*Eti, Zaim shares his birthday with my lil bro too la..but sekarang dah tua bangka hahhahha...

Eti said...

Thanks all for the best wishes!!! :-D

Marlini, yup the moo moo jumpsuit is my all time favourite, next to the ducky.

Lady L, insya-allah your anak2 would be comel2 and ramai too... ;-)


Iye ke? Next time Zaim and your bro boleh celebrate together2!!! Ha!ha!ha!

ERMAYUM said...

cute nyaaaaaaaaaa yang tengah tonggek sembahyang tu hehe
happy birthday dear panjang umur murah rezeki anak soleh cerdik pandai k :)- sebaya ngan Qayyum nanti kita geng k

Eti said...

Thanks Erma....

screamingmommy said...

cute nya..kecik2 belajar sembahyang:))

Eti said...

screaming mommy,

yup... tertonggeng2, kadang2 meniarap terus!!! :-)

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