Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At least twice a week...

I would drag myself to this place.

I'll walk in here.

Grab a locker. 

Run down these steps.

Head straight to the exercise floor.

Find my instrument of torture and stay on it for the next 30 minutes.

Do some floor exercises or stretches, and maybe do a bit of the weights.

Then it's straight for the showers before walking back
to the office 9 minutes away!

Twice a week if I can manage. Three if I am extremely motivated.
Lesser when there is a holiday and a really good lunch option!


Ray said...

Which gym is this Eti? Hmm..tak best la if u 'have to drag' yourself to the gym kan? Why don't you find your most favouritest workout? Then you'll be looking forward to go;)..For me it's dancing so I memang BodyJam junkie:D

Lady of Leisure said...

kat rumah ni i try nak workout tapi tatau kenapa, segan sangat... badan rasa berat... tapi kalau tang makan tetiba jer i jadi cergas..

diana sidek said...

rajin ye u eti. i ni sedar diri badan bagai di pam2 and sedar diri harus diet tapi bila nampak food hilang segala motivation nak diet. bestnya if i ni disiplin mcm u..hmmm..entah bilanya i ni..

Eti said...

Ray, drag tu saje je exaggerate. Sebenarnya I ok, no prob. It's just that I cannot join any classes coz they're scheduled at 1 p.m daily and my lunchtime is 12!!! The evening ones are too late, since I have to rush home! (lagipun, cam mengah je join class, ha!ha! sebenarnya!)

Lady L and Diana, memang lah I mengsacrifice my lunchtime for gym!!! Tak pe demi nak kurus! he!he! Lagipun, I noticed kalau I exercise, I feel great and not so letih, sakit pun kurang.

Balik gym je rasa mcm I achieved something, and I feel good. To get this a few times a week best apa, at least duit I tak terkirai kat malls time lunch! ha!ha! and I am very good about kirai2 duit nie!

zarin said...

good for you :D
keep it up ye babe!
i dah tk kuasa nk ke gym sebab malas nak drive keluar rumah so, if rajin everyday mesti pegi jogging or briskwalk je ngan husband n anak :D

Yummy Mummy said...

Bestnya ada gym close to the office! I hanya mampu workout at home sahaja...keep up the good work. Patutla you nampak cam trim je :)

Eti said...


Thanks, I terpaksa lah exercise lunch sebab keja seharian. Balik rumah or weekends mcm payah pulak nak tinggal kan budak2 utk pegi exercise.

Yummy Mummy,

Yeah, I am quite lucky considering gym is close by and my boss not so sticky about lunchtime workouts. Plus, company bayar subsidy sikit, so cam rugi kalau tak take it up. Trim ke... waaah that's music to my ears babe! :-D

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