Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zaim's 1st concert.

Zaim had his 1st concert last Sunday. I was down with the flu since Friday night, but
I definitely did not miss his big day. He must have practised for months.
It was quite a wait before it was his turn to perform, we had to (of course) take some silly shots...

at least, I didn't plan for it to turn out silly... grrr!!!


Little M.Cs... if like me, this is your 3rd child in the same kindy... quite predictable dear teachers....

Finally... his big moment came, and he was the very first person from his class to get on the stage.
He spotted me and waved, and told his buddy next to him... awwww!!!

Then... come on everybody....

let's do the twist... (the chubby checker song)...

4 year olds twisting their tiny hearts out!!!

The final stance... Yeay!!!! You did it!!!

Running out to me after the performance.

My lil' super star!
With his proud Abang and Kakak.

Until next year's performance!!!

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