Saturday, May 8, 2010

Boys' hair cut session.

I have been noticing that Zarif desperately needed a hair cut. Last Wednesday when I came home from work, I thought, that's it boys let's go for a hair cut now! I don't think I can wait till Saturday.

Zarif's "before" hair condition.

Zaim's wasn't that bad, but I thought I might just get it trimmed a little.

At the barbers, Zaim was pretty nervous. His eyes kept on wondering
from me and the barber, this was his nervous smile. He!he!

Zarif and the new uncle barber.

All done, my handsome boy!

He insisted that I took a picture of his back too!

Unfortunately, when it was Zaim's turn, he chickened out. He was afraid of the barber chair. It was his first time at the barbers, actually. Usually his dad would do the honours, next time maybe.

1 comment:

AA said...

My boys, for Fahim , mamak barber is a total NO. Only aunty's saloon for him. While for Fitri, Only mamak. Macam-macam!

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