Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nayli's birthday @ Universal Studios (Singapore- Day 2).

Second day in Singapore of course begins with breakfast. Things are more manageable that morning because my parents are already around. That Tuesday the 8th of June was a super special day because it was Nayli's 9th birthday, and she will be celebrating it at Universal Studios. Woohoo!

The kids with their grandmother.

Me and the birthday girl, minus her new trainers (refer to Day 1 update for details).

This was the kinda of bus that we took to Universal Studios from the hotel. This is a shuttle provided by Resorts World, with frequent pickups from hotels around the City. It cost us SG$5 per person.

Zaim was super excited to be riding in a bus.

My parents, Nayli, Zarif and Zaim's stroller :-).

The bus station and car park, squeeky clean I must say.

It's up these escalators from the car park and walllaaaa... you are at Universal Studios entrance!

A compulsory shot, I guess.

When we arrived, the gates weren't open yet, so we had to wait in line.

Woody Woodpecker was there.

Funky Mr. Frankenstein was there too!

Here's the first attraction - Madagascar! We didn't go for the boat ride, I think it was closed! We headed straight to the King Julien's Beach Party Go Round (carousel). Ooops, I missed a picture here.. will add a.s.a.p.

Next was the Far Far Away attraction, this was at the Enchanted Airways - a junior roller coaster for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond...

A few minutes into the Shrek 4D Adventure show, when the seats started tilting and we were getting sprayed and the spiders started crawling at our feet, Zaim screamed bloody murder to be taken out of the theater after about 15 minutes of queueing and carrying him! So, I spent the next 15 minutes, hanging out at the merchandise shop, waiting for the rest to come out. Zaim was even afraid of Donkey outside this Magic Potion Spin a baby of a ferris wheel for children with NO Queue! Ha!ha! Must be the only attraction without a queue, because I guessed it would be easily missed as it is tucked way inside the Far Far Away's Merchandise Shop.

Having our lunch at one of the Halal food outlets, Marty's Casa Del Wild (at the Madagascar attraction) which serves southeast asian dishes. Notice that Zaim is clad in plastic, which is actually disposable raincoat as it rained the whole time we were there!

Zaim eating satay a little later, when he has woken up. His brother and sister
managed to squeeze in a roller coaster ride while he was asleep.

Outside the Shrek 4D theater, aren't our raincoats just so fetching???

In a 55 minutes queue for this Canopy Flyer at the Lost World attraction. Tip: If you hate queueing and you are willing to pay, they have VIP lanes for all rides, pay 2 times more, (I think) and you can just zoom to the front of the queue!!!

Here's the Jurassic Park roller coaster, yup it's the dangling hanging action here. Don't worry it's not super scary as it is catered for kids. Even Zarif survived, with loads of screaming of course and he claimed he had tears in his eyes! Don't worry, the mother still screamed like mad too! Ha!ha!ha! It was good fun though!

Nayli was brave enough to go all alone behind us.
That's the minus for being in an uneven group, poor birthday girl!
Next time, Papa will be around, ok girl...

Nervous, happy, scared senseless, excited.... ???
All of the above, I guess!

Whoa, what is Zarif sipping from there...?

Yup, this monster of a tumbler! Just cannot be talked out of it!

Pteranodon Ride.

Zaim joined too!

At the Anciet Egypt Attraction. 

Making me remember my trip to Egypt ages ago! Lovely!

In front of the Revenge of the Mummy indoor roller coaster attraction. I was not successful in convincing Nayli to accompany me, which was quite a good thing really, a few feet into the "tomb", the sound effects and paraphenelia alone was enough to creeped the hell out of us, Nayli demanded that we back-tracked and get out of there. She must be surprised that I didn't press on much! Another reason to come back with Papa!

The Sci-Fi City was next - Red Track for the Human Track, and blue for Cylon... hmmm you guys just need to make a trip here to understand what I am talking about.

Battlestar Galactica CYLON is a suspended coaster ride that goes up, around and upside down with intense corkscrews and cobra roll! I know... cause the park guide says so! He!he! Still close peeps! Next time maybe!

We only managed the Accelerator here at the Sci-Fi City.

What's the accelerator?

A Sci-Fi version of Alice In Wonderland's tea-cup really! Though it does look a tad more brutal!

Zaim does not want to be left out!

They had fun!

 At the New York attraction --- oooh excuse that hand popping out of nowhere!

This is the Waterworld attraction at the Lost World section. Remember Kevin Costner's Waterworld?
Plenty of stunts, explosions and action here. Zaim really enjoyed all the effects.

The Hollywood Boulevard.

Coach trip back to the hotel at the end of the day. Even though it rained the whole time we were here, it was quite an enjoyable day. I hope Nayli had a memorable 9 yr old birthday! Happy Birthday Girl! Good size park, plenty to do and explore even though I wouldn't say the whole park is that huge. We didn't manage to cover everything perhaps only 60% or even lesser, with a 2 year old and without the VIP fast-track pass, understandable. Perhaps... the fast track pass next time and a little older Zaim.

He enjoyed himself too!

R & R time back at the hotel.

Zaim is ready for bed... while mom is busy preparing for the next day - hitting the malls again!


Ray said...

Hi Eti...

Wahh bestnya!! When I went to S'pore last year it wasn't ready yet, so pegi tpt2 org dewasa mcm Marina Bay etc tu jer..but Insya-Allah will go thr soon la, mintak ada rezeki.

BTW ur Zaim tu dah ada standard camera pose dia dgn squinting eyes and scrunched up nose kan??hahhaha...Cute jerr...

Eti said...

Ray, I pun mcm tak puas jugak, even though tak besar mana pun... Yes, I will definitely go again, sebab dekat.

Iya... itu lah Zaimnya trademark "smile" bila posing for the camera... ha!ha!

ERMAYUM said...

best nya - camna nak mimum air dari tumbler kepala menatang tu hehe and happy birthday Nayli panjang umur murah rezeki sihat sokmo k

Miss S said...

univ studios was a blast kan? we had so much fun when we went there :)

Eti said...

Erma... he!he! memang kepala menatang!! nak pack bawak balik pun satu hal ok!!

Miss S, yes we loved it and will surely go back one day. Perhaps after the kids and myself have gathered enough courage for Revenge of the Mummy...

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