Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bamboo Castle

If you take the MRR2 route from Ulu Klang to KL often enough, you would have noticed that what used to be a junk yard before has been cleared and a mega construction made of bamboo and grass rooftop has been going on during the early part of the year. Hubby and I have been wondering what this place was going to turn out to be. We got our answers the Mother's Day weekend last month. The place was officially opened and it turned out to be a castle! A Bamboo Castle at that!!!

No, no royalty moved from anywhere to be by the MRR2.
Yup, sorry no change of guards will take place daily for any tourist.

Bamboo Castle is actually the direct translation for Istana Bambu which turned out to be a restaurant serving Seafood and other Asian Dishes!

We as in, the whole department minus one or two who were not in last Thursday, went to try it out as a sorta farewell lunch to boss who is leaving for a special assignment today. They are still having the special opening promotion of 30% off I think. So, go try it out now!! :-)

As one enters the fence... you'd see this arch.
(Just wanted to show how it looks like from my friend's Mini C). :-)

A little closer... thx Jamil for the picture.

The bunting of their product and services, apparently it isn't only F&B.

The walkway towards the eatery.

The Prayer Rooms.

Paddy field in Ulu Klang my friends!!!

View of the dining area from the prayer room. 

Bamboo products everywhere.

Even over your head.


The dining area.

The three "nature" pictures above courtesy of Jamil who brought his zoom lens. Beautiful.
Yes, this was taken here, there is also a pond.

Us, waiting to be fed!

The drinks came first, Azlan pouring out the "Kedondong Assam Boi drink",
 sounds nasty yet divine!

The must have ulam and sambal belacan.

Buttered Prawns.

Daging Salai Masak Lemak (Smoked Beef in Coconut and Chili Gravy).

My plate.
Yes, that... ladies and gents is the only amout of rice I took, minus one small spoonful before I remembered to snap this picture. I am still on my minimal rice intake diet since Mar 14th! Not bad eh? I think I will just stick to it now.

Assam Pedas (Fish in Spicy and Sour Gravy).

Kailan with Salted Fish

Another picture that was not taken was the Spring Chicken (Ayam Kampung).

So, my verdict for this place is, ok, not bad. Go try if you are into rice and local dishes, and if your kids would like to see a paddy field up close and lots & lotsa bamboo!

For more information: google Istana Bambu, though not immediately as their page is still under construction as of today.


Lady of Leisure said...

such a nice place.. the walkway remind me of chapel bridge hehe... cantik pic bunga teratai tu kan..

CiKaYu said...

nice place, pls give me the add or direction to go there...

screamingmommy said...

wow..nice place..at least can be one of the makan place for family gathering soon..nice photos jugak:))

Eti said...

Ladies... yes, nice food and nice ambience.

Cik Ayu, it is by the MRR2, from Ulu Klang, it's just before the Stella Marie school, and just after the Duke exit to MRR2.

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