Monday, June 28, 2010

Zarif's farewell to his full teethed smile.

I received a phone call from home on Friday while I was at work. It was Zarif, telling me that his lower front tooth is loose and he can wiggle it and it is hurting when he bites into his food. Oh, I thought, so it's time for you to say goodbye to your tooth Zarif, I will take you to the dentist on Saturday. As promised... forgotten for a moment first thing in the morning, but reminded... we all trooped to the dentist to say farewell to Zarif's front tooth.

Zarif's full set of baby teeth.

At the dentist, the doctor is checking the loose tooth.

Getting a shot to anesthetize both the tooth that will be extracted and the jawbone and gums that surround it! Eeew, I know! I used to hate this part, each time I go to the dentist when I was a kid. I don't know, maybe the gel that the doctor applied before the shots really works, don't remember getting those then. Maybe we had them back then but they weren't as effective. He didn't seem to feel a thing, didn't shed a tear, didn't even notice that he was shot! Twice!!! Notice, how his eyes were shield from the scary instrument of torture?? I thought that was very thoughtful of the doctor.

The apparatus.

Gurgle and spit boy...

Hey, my mouth feels weird! Really weird!

The extraction!

Aww man....

Taraaaa... bye bye teeth! Yup, two! He lost two at once, according to the dentist it was not just one tooth but both two front teeth were loose! OMG! No wonder the 2 injections!

Mama... do I look that bad??? No Zarif, you are still my handsome boy!!! :-)
Well done, my brave BIONICLE boy! I am so proud of you! Papa will be equally proud when he sees this!


Farah Y said...

Beraninya Zarif!

Eti said...

I rasa, Zarif nie, berani sebab dah tgk kakak dia went through the same thing many many times and she did not cry and complain sakit.

Berjaya jugak lah plan I expose budak2 nie awal2 to the dentist, biar time2 emergency cam nie diorang cool.

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