Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hectic weekend leading to a hectic week.

Just a quick update, this long weekend was a really hectic one.After almost two years, we moved back to our own home. The whole three days we have been going in and out of my parents and our own.Packing and unpacking, sorting stuff, cleaning up... 

I did some more packing but of another kind this afternoon. Me and the kids are going off to the Lion City tomorrow for 5 whole days. Hubby will not be joining us since he is tied up at work!  My parents  will be joining us, so I am not entirely alone with the kids, Phew! :-) Sigh! It won't be the same without hubby though! Nevertheless, I am quite excited about going to Singapore, I haven't been there for ages, more than 14 years I think. I used to go to Singapore a lot when I was still in school. Cannot wait to explore the malls!!! Yes, well, first I need to take the kids to the Universal Studios then maybe the zoo. It's okay, there should be plenty of opportunities for me to get re-acquainted with Orchard Road. Plus, god willing, I might even be meeting up with a local blogger/WAHM while I'm there. Whatever it is, there will surely be plenty of stuff for me to blog about when I come back.

Ok, in the mean time, do enjoy a few updates that I have managed to post for next week.I will also be turning off my BB's data roaming services. So, no emails, FB, BBMs and twitter for 5 whole days. Wish me luck! Ciao! Have a good week everyone.


ERMAYUM said...

happy holiday eti - enjoy and be safe :)

Miss S said...

Hei there! Enjoy universal and happoy hols :)

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