Friday, June 4, 2010

Picnic party at the playground.

Zaim's 2 year old birthday was celebrated at his favourite place... the playground! I have been wanting to throw a picnic birthday party since forever, finally it came true for Zaim. The party was last Friday the 28th, during the Wesak Holiday. Deciding on the venue and party itself was not that difficult. The most difficult part was deciding on the guest list. I had to keep the guest list short, very very short. In the end there was only about 6 families invited, not including my parents and brother. First and foremost, my other friends who are reading this, I apologise from the bottom of my heart. If you know me, you'd know I'd be inviting everyone! Perhaps next time, god willing, I'll have a bigger party with Marquee and all... (ooo I wish!). In the mean time, do enjoy some pictures taken, not as much as I'd hoped it would be, but the bottom line is the birthday boy had loads of fun!!!

On the way to his party with abang and kakak.

Our picnic spot, oh by the way this is at the Lake Gardens, KL.

I pre-ordered nasi lemak, sambal sotong, paru, 2 types of kuih and brought sausages.

Preparing a dish for the birthday boy, waiting patiently on his grandmother's lap.


Zaim loves rice, he!he!

It was pretty early some guests haven't arrived yet, so I took my time to eat.

The five of us.

Nayli with Isha and Ika.

Baby Sarah came too, Zaim loves babies.

Baby Sarah had a spot on the blanket too.

Fida brought her lovely mash potatoes and brown sauce with Salad.
Thanks Fida, my mom loves you/the food you brought :-), guess you knew that already!

Yana brought bubbles, which delighted Zaim to no end!

3 Zs (Zarif, Nayli Zahra and Zaim)

Birthday boy's happy day.

Nadd came too, Zaim just doesn't know what to make of the pack in his hand.

The Blokes.

Things are DIY, and relaxed...

Fida, nephew and Azleen hanging about.

The Cake!

Zaim loves the train, choo!choo!

I managed to find train candle holders too!

Happy Birthday to you! Blow Zaim!
(He had to be held, or else he might fall on the "train"!)

Cutting the cake!

He can have his cake and eat it too!


Zaim and Wan.

Me and Nadd, I regretted not having pictures like this taken with the rest of the my guests who came, sorry ladies my mind was all over the place, I guess.

I was all over the place!

Somebody got my camera and got this nice shot of you Pat. Thanks for coming!

Hey, birthday cat on the loose?

There's more of them!

Wee down the slide, with mask intact.

Zaim didn't know how lucky he was gonna be that day until we went to the swings.

His attention was suddenly diverted to something behind him!

Yup, diggers! One of his favourite things in the whole wide world!

Then, we all got on the tram for a ride around the Lake Gardens!

Zaim loved it!

So did these two!

One final walk by the dino park before heading home.

Izam was the last one to leave.

Someone had a fun-filled tiring day...

In the evening, we opened the presents when everyone was rested.

He loved everything.

Trying to align the toys for a picture.

Smile... to end a wonderful day for you Zaim!
Happy Birthday Zaim.


Azleen said...

glad zaim suker toys yg yana pilih tu... kete kecik mega block...really enjoy that day !! thx for the invite !!

ERMAYUM said...

comel kek hehe ketapi - thomas ke tu :)

NZZ said...

nice family pic, kata takder...

Eti said...

Memang dia suka sangat, I pun suka, nanti nak cari lain pulak. Thanks for coming ya Leen!

Cousin Thomas... :-)

Ada lah tu satu from my bro, baru dapat.

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