Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cakes online...

A week before last I belatedly decided to go online when searching for a birthday cake for Zaim's birthday party last Friday. I thought, that's it, I have had enough of SR's cakes, it gets to be too boring and predictable after a while. Zaim's 1st birthday cake was this lovely Pavlova from Alexis, which was chosen purely for the pleasure of the other guests and not the birthday boy. A year old was a wee bit too young to have any preferences on the cake choice, I thought :-). This year, I was ready to indulge the birthday boy. The cake would be something that Zaim would recognise and love. It was a week before the planned birthday party on 28th May. I went online and whoaaa!!! OMG, was I surprised!

- The number of online cake shops online!!! OMG!
- The choices!!! Double OMG!

So how to choose which blog and which design?

The criterias that I had were:
- not too big, and not too small
- either cupcake or ordinary cake (still undecided then)
- 3D or plain square (depends on the choice above)
- what design
- flavour - easy... chocolate never fails to please everyone
- it had to be around my house so that I could pick up easily since the party was planned to be a breakfast picnic!!! I cannot be travelling 30 minutes in the wee hours of the morning to pick-up the cake, nor would the cake maker, I'm sure.

So in the end I contacted 2 blog owners.

The first one was chosen based on the design that she had, and I thought since the party would be half way from her place, she might be able to deliver the cake in the morning.

Thomas the Tank Engine. Now wouldn't this be nice for Zaim?

He loves trains and he knows this Thomas character, so perfect!

The correspondence started with blog owner Zarina of After a couple of emails, it was deduced that delivery cannot happen on the party morning itself. Aww, hmmm I was quite dissapointed because, I knew Zaim would have loved the design.

Thus, I continued searching for a blog owner whose logistics matches my need. So, to any future bakers out there... FYI, there are really limited online bakers around the area of Ulu Klang, Wangsa Maju, Melawati, Ampang and Gombak, so those leaving around here you know what business to get into or at least should seriously think about getting into the online cake business because it was difficult to find one until I landed on Cupcake Confetti! Yeay! So what cake did I choose for Zaim?... Do check out the party update next yah! :-)

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