Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flying with 3 kids :-O.

Ohhh I missed blogging!

Since my last update, I have moved house (just moved out of my parents after 1 ++ years and back into my own home [only 5 minutes away though], been to Singapore for 5 days, back at work for over a week!

Too busy at the office, no time to stay longer than 5 p.m cause now, I have to rush home to take the kids out to the playground and then cook dinner!!! By 10 during the first week, I could barely stay awake!!! Hubby flew out again two days after we returned from Singapore, I swear his travelling schedule is more hectic than an Air Asia pilot! (like I know their schedule! he!he!).

Tonight, I told myself that I have to publish something. I miss blogging and I miss reading all the divine blogs in my blog lists!!! Awww, I have missed like 2 weeks plus worth of juicy stories, I will take forevvvver to catch up, I really do need a super mini-sized laptop like... 2 weeks ago!!!

Anyhow, bloggersphere buddies, hope you are still around and checking in on me... sorry for neglecting you, I promise to say hi again real soon... for now here's my first update since god only knows when...


So, as I mentioned 2 weeks ago... during the 1st week of the school holidays, the kids and I made a trip to the Lion City. Unfortunately, hubby made it as far as the LCCT only, as he was unable to join us, bad timing I suppose. Anyhow, I sticked to the plan and promise to the kids and their grandparents who wanted to take their grandchildren to the new Universal Studios, their mother had other plans...

Here are some pictures on the first day, departing KL and arrival in SG.

Farewell breakfast with their father. Sob!Sob!

Good bye hug!

Zaim's 2nd flight... his 1st was when he was only 10 months, too young to remember.

Nayli and Zarif, seated together, later on, the flight attendant had a lady from the front row to join them, as apparently it is against the air safety regulation to have children seated without any adult companion in a row. (I didn't know that...)

Zaim and me.

Look, Super heroes!!!

Raisins, yum! yum!

Fried Rice and Satay, actually there was hardly anytime to eat, 3 minutes after they served the food, the pilot announced that we were landing! Horror! Zaim was not even halfway through his meal, Zarif totally did not manage to even unwrap his hot dog! Oh gosh, it's not easy travelling with three children when you are alone, I found out quite soon after take off, OMG I thought I had 5 full days to go... eek!!!

In the cab, in Singapore already, I was busy making small talk with the friendly cabbie when I realised that the boys had fallen asleep! Nayli hurry, snap! snap!

She was wide awake, looking out and checking out Singapore!

Our first glimpse of the Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay Sands.

Finally, we arrived at our hotel, Re! Yup! That's it, Hotel Re!

Boutique Hotel.

Simple, Retro, Themed Hotel.

Checking in was a breeze.

Retro decor everywhere.

The minute we walked into our room, I settled the kids down to finish their flight meal. It was after all 12:30 in the afternoon, and Zarif was eager to finally bite into his hot dog. They had this space like cubey sofa in the living hall, which was lovely for the kids to hang out and watch tv.

Nayli found herself this cosy pink side table. Nayli fell in love with the hotel immediately because the main colour was... PINK! Zarif was a bit upset and went on a bit for a few minutes about how "GIRLISH" (with disgusted tone of voice) this hotel is, and of all colours, why did they choose PINK! Urrgghh!!!

My bed for the next four nights, to be shared with lil' man.

So, while the kids were busy finishing up their lunch, I rushed like mad unpacking and sorting out all our clothes, refilled, Zaim's formula, hot water etc etc... and when I checked the time, it was almost exactly an hour after checking in.... zoom we were out of the hotel, to check out Orchard Road!!! I mean, This was the main reason I chose and earlier flight (my parents took the evening flight and only arrived at about 9 p.m!). Can you imagine, waiting in the hotel room from 12:30 in the afternoon till 9 with 3 children and no cartoon channel??? I'd rather brave the malls with the kids plus a stroller, and I did just that! Ha!ha! Sorry no pictures of me discovering ION Orchard, Wisma Atria, Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City down the stairs via the underpass and up the stairs again to Lucky Plaza (found it not children - stroller friendly, hence I gave it a miss) and walked straight pass to Tod's! Ooops, I mean Paragon Orchard in the pretext of finding Nayli the perfect pair of trainers for the Universal Studios tomorrow (since she outgrew hers, just a month or so ago, and I promised to get her one in here.

At about 6 ish or was it 7, can't remember, I gave up searching for kids' trainers so Nayli had to settle for her old sandals for tomorrow until we check out other malls for her trainers, since she didn't want to end up with just whatever... the boys were getting tired, not to mention the mother, so I decided to take the kids back to the hotel and just wait for their grandparents to arrive.

This picture was taken I think in Ngee Ann City (is it Lini?), while taking a break, having some buns and letting Zaim out of his stroller and run around a bit, while catching my breath.

Right, that's all I can manage for now... until my next update. Day 2 would be at the Universal Studios, just hope it would not be in 2 weeks time... Phew, at least now I can breathe again! :-)


nj said...

surely the kids were having fun...

Eti said...

Norma... diorang kalau bab jejalan nombor satu! :-)

ERMAYUM said...

geram tgk zaim semangat chubby cam Qayyum gak :)

Eti said...

Erma... Zaim ni memang sedap kalau peluk2, tapi kalau nak dukung lama2, memang tak larat!!!

Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

yes Eti it was Ngee Ann City the fountain in the basement level..

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