Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mall hopping (Singapore - Day 3).

On the third day, since I thought, it would be nice for the kids to be out of the sun/rain for one day after Universal Studios, we'd spend the day checking out what I have missed most in Singapore... what else if it ain't the malls. Mall hopping turned out to be more tiring than a day at the "Studios". I didn't take that many pictures, here's some taken here and there...

Bugis Street, didn't spend that long here as it looked like it was going to rain.
My plan to check out Arab Street was also cancelled.

This was at Raffles Place.

Just woken up from a cat stroller nap and was mesmerised by the mime artist.

My father then took us to Vivo City, specifically at lunch time, to try his favourite Tauhu Bakar at the food court there. Apparently each time he comes to SG for work, he will not miss coming here at least once each trip! My verdict : really nice, though a tad hot, as in spicy! My mother's verdict : I can make something like this, and even better! Ha!ha!

I ended up taking the yong taufu + noodles and soup mix for myself and the kids.
This is my favourite dish at Pavvy foodcourt, whenever I feel like something soupy.

Zaim enjoying his noodles. Slurp! Slurp!

Notice the big fat boy popia on the table in front of me, it is absolutely delish!!!

My mom had this shaved ice thingy for dessert.

The kids chose this Chocolatey Ice Blended Concoction.

After lunch, we checked out what else Vivo City has to offer. This was where we finally found Nayli's trainers. While I browse the shops with Nayli, Zarif, Zaim and atuk discovered the best waiting area ever!

Wheeee down the slide he went.

Nayli just couldn't resist in the end.

While you kids were at the playground...

Back from Vivo City, in the MRT, Zaim enjoyed his endless MRT rides.

From the MRT station to the hotel, we took the hotel shuttle.
As it turned out, the shuttle had to do a few pickups first before heading back to the hotel.
We ended up getting a free ride around the city. Nice.

Nothing like ending the day with a hot bath! (oh how I wished I had one single bath
throughout my stay here, but I never did!).

Zarif's turn.

Zaim with his new toys.


Lady of Leisure said...

wow holiday no wonder lama tak nampak... love the makan2 session... yang yr mom makan tu nampak sungguhla sedap...

Eti said...

Lady L,

Holiday ni dah lama, tapi agak kebizian sekarang nie sebenarnya...

C.e.T.o.T said...

sodap la pulak tgk air tu

Danny Riddell said...

Oh, Zaim looks to munch all the noodles there! LOL! And that Chocolatey Ice Blended Concoction is just so creamy! I'm drooling to have one now! It's great that you always find time to go to malls while having fun. Cheers! :)

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