Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, someone got a bike too!
So yesterday afternoon they had a whale of a time playing at the park.
However, toward the end of the evening, Zarif met with a little accident
that caused major swelling to his lips!

My injured boy!

This morning he said, Mama... no one is gonna recognize me at school today.

Okay, so this one wasn't injured, he just needs to be included in
any photo session, that's all!


Ermayum said...


yang last tu tidur ke pura pura tidur heheh

Diyanazman said...

ouchh! that gotta hurt!
nice meeting you eti yesterday.. letc catch up again! take care! love your blog!

Eti said...

Erma... yg last std lah enter frame, sah sah berlakon okay...

Diyana.. babe nice meeting you too!!! thanks for dropping by.

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