Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Craft Day 2011

Dear KLites, feel like a spot of shopping?
How about heading down to the Craft Complex at Jalan Conlay, KL.

It's National Craft Day with all sorts of hand crafted goodies from all over Malaysia. Lots of great stuff here, I know cause I went there yesterday in support of my ex-class mate Suzy.

She has a booth showcasing lovely batik designs, all the way from JB.

If you ever get yourself get, do drop by Suzy's booth, if she's there let her
know that you read about her booth from my blog ok! Remember the name, Batik Chic at booth BSL19!

Here are some of her stuff on sale.



Clutch bags/dinner bags.

Zippy organisers.


Lovely head bands for around RM30-RM45.

Tote bag in metallic gold material and batik motif.

More choices of trendy handbags.

Off-shoulder tops with sequins and beads detailing.

Ready made baju kurung.

Wonderful batik tops with beads and sequins detailing.

Another off-shoulder top with a modern batik print design.

An over-coat tunic.

Vests with batik prints.

I also dropped by at my friend's sis accessories shop. She makes wonderful little trinkets out of gold and silver plated copper wires. There are also some pearls and crystals accessories.

Kak Lela at her booth.

There are so many more booths here, so if you are free do come by and support our local entrepreneurs.


Azleen said...

huargghhhhhhhhhh..... cantik cantik sume nyer..camne ni...nk pegi jugak....

Eti said...

pergi jgn tak pergi hokay...

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