Friday, February 18, 2011

A complete dish under 30 minutes!

I planned to leave office a little later than usual one evening and needed to have a meal plan that is a one dish plan that is fast and easy to cook yet contains balanced and complete nutrition. Nope and I am not considering any fast food or out of packet instant noodles, thank you very much.

So I decided on this:

Braised Rice

Ingredients: Chicken, prawn, (cuttlefish too if any), mushroom, garlic and ginger, cabbage, carrot and mustard greens (sawi). The vegetables can definitely be varied according to your liking or to what's available in your refrigerator.


Saute garlic and ginger in a pot, add chicken.

Add mushrooms and carrots.

The mustard greens as you would with other greens, add this last.

To thicken the soup, do add corn flour and eggs.
Season with salt.

Ready to eat.

Eaten with rice, in restaurants it is served together, however I prefer to separate the rice from the soup to avoid the rice from getting to soggy. Do add cut fresh chillies if you do not like your braised rice to be so bland and if you are not serving to kiddies. Wallah... isn't that quick and easy and yet so healthy???


Ermayum said...

amboi eti dear sejak 2 menjak ni asyik masak ja eh :D

mama_QnR said...

KERLASSSSSSSS!!!! me likeyyyyy....

Jabberholic said...

great stuff there! must try jugak ni ;) thanks for sharing..

Eti said...

erma... i mmg masak every day(almost), cuma semenjak 2 menjak je rajin update

nadd... easy peasy lemon squeazy

jabberholic... yup, coz it's dead easy, must try okay.

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