Wednesday, February 16, 2011

15th February

Yesterday was Zarif's 7th birthday.

The day started off with one of the birthday boy's favourite breakfast... half boiled eggs.

A home-made apple and cinnamon muffin to officiate the birth-day.

Somehow, Zarif had someone joining in his candle-blowing session.

Happy Birthday to Zarif (& Zaim...)!
Happy Birthday to you...

Zarif got his cards from sis.

And a rare and sloppy kiss from kakak!

Mama and Papa's card.

Aww man... kakak's card has a tongue sticking out at me!!! Hey!!!

Wait a minute, birthday present too?? Too much darling! too much!!!

Zarif and his prezzies!!!

After breakfast we all shoot of to the playland at OU.

Mama had to accompany Zaim down the slide as it was way too fast for Zaim to go down alone. Seriously!

We spend about an hour and a half here before heading to the birthday's boy favourite restaurant.

After filling our tummies and much clowning around, we browsed around MPH
before heading to another eatery for desserts!!!

Birthday boy's choice of toppings can send you to the dentist just by looking at it!


Last but not least, we headed to the bike shop to choose his final prezie!

By now, Zaim was way too tired, good thing or else he might get away with a bicycle for himself too!

His choice. Happy Birthday Zarif!!!
Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. We all love you.
May you have a wonderful year ahead. May Allah bless you always.


Ermayum said...

wow a full day of celebration - happy birthday zarif - u pun cam Erdina gigi depan tak da eh hehehe but maintain hensom

tudung u dwi color lagi inner dia - cun :)

mama_QnR said...

wow!!!!!! busy day for all! cuti pulak tu!!

anyway, many happy returns to abang zharif
semoga terus menjadi anak yang baik

Eti said...

Thanks Erma... hi!hi! I must show him that you said dia hensem! ha!ha!
So rahsia tudung inner dah kautim ke belum babe?

Nadd, ameen ameen ya rabbal alamin....

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