Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi-tea with an Egyptian Evacuee.

The first time I heard about the uprising in Egypt it didn't quite click until I saw a status update of another friend praying for Azlyn's safety! OMG, it's in Egypt... and yes Azlyn IS THERE!!! From then onwards, I waited patiently while praying hard that Azlyn would leave her home away from home safely with her family.

When we finally heard from her it was a week ago, she's safely back in Malaysia but without her Malaysian sim card! We were supposed to contact her through her hubby's phone number. Okaaay...!!!If you know me very well, you'd know that I'm not big on calling people on the phone, let alone calling their hubby! Luckily, Eva was very quick to arrange for Azlyn's time and was so nice to again, offer her home for us to meet up last Saturday. 

I was half an hour late, and when I got out of my car I could already hear that the party was already on - full swing as I could hear roars of laughter even from across the street, and as I entered Eva's house her husband was making his escape, for a swim, he said... yeah whatever! Anything and anywhere but in a house full of us CS girls. Later I found out, Eva's eldest 13 yr old girl already made her escaped even earlier!!! Even she couldn't bear our company... ha!ha!ha! 

Then the honorary guest arrived...

Awwww... ahlan wa sahlan Azlyn... my friend of let's see.... hmm...
 OMG! 27 years!!!Seriously??? Yes, Azlyn and I first met in 1984!

More hugs and kisses!!!

Ooops... a little accident with all the excitement, huggin' and kissin'!!
Don't worry Mary, we're used to spills and broken glasses, we have kids!!!

Reunited finally with my old buddy Azlyn! The photo session then began....

Carol, Azlyn and Eva.

Pat, Sharlin and Mary. 
Yup, this is what happen when cam-wh.... (whale is not! the word here ok!) meet!

As promised, Azlyn delivered her "story". 

Full of gestures, she must have somehow, absorbed the culture! Ha!ha! 

Catching up, like old times. Whenever we're together, we always ended up talking all at once!
Sometimes we even wonder who's listening to who at any one time!

Finally we moved from the living hall to the table, where we devoured what we brought! 
I brought my Pomelo Salad. Please click here for recipe ;-).

More shots of ourselves, yes, we do love a good pose, don't we Pat darling?

The gracious hostess.

Well, what can I say... some of us just cannot help ourselves!!! 

Yes, even Azlyn the honorary guest has to do her thang albeit on top of a chair!

Ivy - Eva's sister my source of nutty sugary sweetness sinful indulgence. Keep those Nutty crisp coming okay.

Well, ladies it was really lovely last Saturday, if only the rest of the girls were there too! It was lovely meeting up again. After all these years, we still can talk and get really loud. Love you all like the sisters that I never had! Thanks for being a part of my life. Azlyn, enjoy the rest of your stay at your mom's ;-). Do call me if we can meet up for lunch during the weekdays if you fancy a quick bite other than Mommy's cooking. Let us know when you are going back to Egypt, we have to meet up again before you leave yah! And don't forget to email me the photos from your Canon! Yes, and you too Pat!!!

Happy Valentine's Day girls, love you loads! Big hugs!!!


Ermayum said...

babe mana dapat tudung bersilang cam u pakai tu heheh first time i nampak

Eti said...

muahahaha!!! tudung biasa la babe, di tindih dan di senget kan... boleh tak figure out came ne, kalau tak leh, email me nanti I cite lagi.

Ermayum said...

ooo macam tu ke i try to figure it out

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