Saturday, February 26, 2011

I got lazy one day

so I prepared this for dinner!

Roasted some capsicums and zucchini.

Filled and Baked some leftover pie filling into pastry sheets like so.
Looks awful doesn't need? It tasted damn good though! Muahahaha! 

Trying out this new sundried tomatoes.
(Not that good, wouldn't buy this brand next time).

My salad ensemble.

My mixed salad - I kept the shredded chicken and pasta on the
side just in case anyone in the family do not wish to eat them.

My Beef Roll-Over as in Martha Stewart would take one look at this and would roll her eyes over and over at such an unsightly dish!

Simple Dinner Menu.


Diyana said...

what's the filling for your roll over pie? hahahaha they may not be so cute im sure they are tasty... :)

Eti said...

Diyana, just sauted minced beef with onions, mushrooms, parsley and frozen mixed veges. It happens to be the same filling that I'd used for beef pies, Roti John and Shepard's Pie.

ShaSha said...

Eti...ini adalah menu yang tersangatlah rajinnya...arghhh LAPAR!

Eti said...

ha!ha!ha! Shasha tapi sebenarnya semua guna benda2 leftovers, like the pie filling, chicken for the salad is shredded from chicken in soup stock, pie pastry pun lebih yg lepas2... whatever's in the fridge lah kira...

mama_QnR said...

simple awak kata?

Ermayum said...

uwaaaaaaa masak lagi kata simple but so western wei and look yummy (err sebenarnya i tgh lapar :))

ShaSha said... for me..simple is nasi and telur mata kerbau saja lor..itu dah macam kenduri tu..hehe..

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