Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I used to...

...wash my own school shoes! Don't you? 
Everybody did that!, Right? 
Or is that a thing of the past?
The done thing during those Awesome 80's and unheard of now by the kids of the new Millennium?
Just like NKOTB and friendship bands! (Ha!ha!ha! I just had to throw that in!)

Or maybe, it's just my children because last year Nayli came home from school one day and said, Mama I was embarrassed at school today because I had to admit to my friends that I have never ever washed my own school shoes and they do! Gulp! Okay, I never ever gave any thought to this matter, my maid has always  handled this matter as part of her routine weekend to-do things. Yes, I remember, back when I was in school I did wash my own shoes, even though we did have maids all along. 
Hmmmm.... why didn't I ask Nayli to wash her own shoes?

Anyway, whatever the reason was (I actually don't have any reason, really!), things are going to change from last weekend onwards, as Nayli will now wash her own school shoes! To start off I enlisted her father's help to show her the way as my darling girl is clueless. Tsk!tsk!tsk! What have I done???

This is the way you wash you wash your shoes, wash your shoes....

Hope this grin will still be there when I remind her of her new duty next Saturday!

All done, now that was not so bad huh?


Ermayum said...

i memang paksa dina basuk kasut sekolah since standard i - tak bagi mengada eh entry u bagi idea la :)

captain_zed said...

hahahha.. meh tolong basuh kasut uncle!! cant remember when was the last time basuh kasut.. huhuhu

mama_QnR said...

me pulak at school - eh, kiasu ngan one of my very good friends - tengok kasut sapa lagi putih!
dia siap basuh ngan berus gigi kasik fine gitu, pestu sapu kapur cantik sgt!
me pulak, nampak dia buat gitu kena lah buat jugak kan...
and yes, my mama mmg made us basuh kasut every saturday morning!

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