Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm on Crisis Mode.

Since last Saturday, I am currently existing on "CRISIS MODE". My maid suddenly announced on Friday evening when I came home from work that she needs to go home because her father was involved in an accident and her mother has been asking her to come home even if for two days only. Her home is in Sabah, a two day visit is just not worth is it? So I said go on, take the whole week off! I have the whole week off anyway, so it should be alright. Well, that's what I told her! Am I alright??? 

From this I have switched to...

My day starts with washing, preparing breakfast, clearing breakfast, preparing lunch, clearing lunch then it's time to prepare dinner!!! From never ever using the vacuum cleaner to vacuuming every other hour!!! (Okay, that's a little exaggeration there, but seriously the amount of dust that settles on the furniture... it is just endless!!!) OMG, is there no end to this household chores!!! I swear I need a spa manicure and pedicure by the end of the week! Give me deadlines and endless meetings anytime!!!

My darling husband is at work so I am left alone at home with my darling 3 kids! 
You get the picture?
Ana... please do come home this Friday as promised!!!


Ermayum said...

skali skala kan kena gak turun padang kita :D - good luck babe

Eti said...

Thanks Erma! Hi!hi!hi!

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