Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pomelo Salad for a Pot-Luck Party!

I was invited to a pot-luck party yesterday and I truly had no idea what to bring.
I wanted something easy, something light, something interesting and something different.
Then I remembered this wonderful Pomelo Salad that was taught by a Vietnamese friend, Tra.
It was a hit, I'm glad my friends loved them. Here's the recipe, hope you'd try it the next time 
you get hold of some of these wonderful fruit!

The Ingredients for Pomelo Salad: 

Pomelo... eemm but of course!

Vietnamese mintVietnamese cilantroCambodian mint and hot mint. The Vietnamese name is rau răm, while in Malaysia and Singapore it is called daun kesom or daun laksa (laksa leaf). In Thailand, it is called pak pai .
Bunga Kantan (Ginger Flower/Torch Ginger Bud) - this was not in the original recipe from Tra, though I added them as suggested by my mom. 

Fresh red chillies for some heat and colour.

Lime, Garlic, Vinegar, Salt (or Fish Sauce), sugar and I also added some red bombay onions.

Some prawns too!


Step 1: Saute the prawns, I used a dash of cooking oil and a slice or two of garlic.

Step 2 : The sauce.

To prepare the sauce, in a bowl squeeze the lime, add vinegar, salt (or fish sauce), grated garlic, some water (I used some boiled prawn stock) and sugar.

Step 3 : The Salad Mix
Add to the peeled Pomelo, the Vietnamese Mint, Ginger Flower, Fresh Chillies, Onion and Cooled Stir-Fried Prawns. Pour in the sauce and mix well. It's best to prepare the salad and hour or two before serving. This is to ensure that the ingredients that made up the sauce have mixed well together and have blended well with the salad. Serve it chilled with prawns crackers.

Step 4 : Eating the salad

Eat the Pomelo Salad by scooping a teaspoon at a time on the prawn cracker. 
Enjoy the wonderful variety of texture and taste that you'd get at each bite. 
Have fun trying and impressing you family and friends!!!


mama_QnR said...

uissshhhh.... nampak sangat sedap!!!!
nanti boleh try...

p/s i link you to my blog eh?

Eti said...

Nadd, cuba la okay, and thanks for linking my blog.

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