Monday, April 19, 2010

While you were away.

This update is dedicated to hubby on behalf of the kids last weekend while he is away, still away at the time of update. Hubby has been gone since 7th April... estimated date of return still unknown!!! Hurry home please Papa your kids are missing you!

While you were away Papa,

Zarif helped Mama in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for us all.

Zarif toasted some bread and buttered (although a wee bit too generously) them too.

He helped to set the table.

Zaim was kept occupied while food was still being prepared.

Finally, Zaim got his breakie, Yum!yum!

While you were away Papa,

Zaim 'helped" Wan in her garden.
Notice the matching hats?

 Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hard at work.

 Nayli was not allowed to "help" Wan because she had tons of homework to do!
Poor kakak Nayli.

Zarif had some homework too, but he was not allowed to sit with kakak
or else they would not get any work done!

At one point, kakak had to be restrained to prevent her from leaving
her homework!!

Don't worry Papa, kakak was not really affected by the ropes at all!

After sometime, when the adults think Zaim has done enough, he had to be bathed again because he was all covered with dirt. As it turned out he enjoyed his bath even more! 

Yes, Papa we still do have the proper baby tub but Mama thinks if we
take that one out, bathtimes will last 45 minutes everytime!!!

 After Zarif has completed his homework and Zaim was brought inside,
it was Zarif's turn to help Wan.

Zarif likes to get dirty too!

For lunch, Mama made this pan fried fish that we all had together in the garden.
Come home soon Papa, we all miss you!


Lady of Leisure said...

comelnya.. kecik2 dah rajin menolong heheheh...
pan fried fish tu nampak sedap sangat ikan apa yer?

Eti said...

Lady L, Iye sangat lah rajin!!! Hi!hi!
Ikan tu, frozen fish je, Sutchi Fish, I jumpa kat Giant. Cari Dory, tapi itu je yg ada, I cubalah... ok, not bad. the kids loved it.

ERMAYUM said...

heheh best nya mandi dlm bakul kecik nasib tak nampak tut tut:)
sedapnya lunch western lagi mama tak masak nasi ke?

Eti said...

Ermayum, He!he! Zaim tu tak kisah sempit2 pun sanggup, jadi dapat berendam. Mama diorang tgh puasa nasi, so no nasi for her, anak2 pulak tak suka nasik, so western dishes memang suka sangat diorang nie.

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