Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Venetian Masquerade Night.

A night of excitement, mystery and endless possibilities await! ...So it seems. That,  my friends was the theme and perhaps tagline of my office's Annual Dinner and Dance this year which was held last Saturday. I gave a brief introduction to the dinner's theme and my plans in a previous updates and from the divine comments that I have received, looks like you ladies out there were pretty excited to see some pictures. Well, I aim to please... Here are the pictures as promised. Hope I did not dissapoint, did warn you I did not do much in terms of clothes, since I pulled out with whatever I had in my closet, which were not much.
Ok, let's not dilly dally I'll go straight to ME, what I wore. I know it was Venetian Masquerade, yes I did my research what the right costume should be, but I did not want to spend much on clothes somehow... I did spend on the purse and a chunky ring which I thought was simply divine! Ha!ha! Anyhow, yup that was me, in a Moroccan Abaya that my aunt bought from Morocco obviously ages ago. I thought the colour was a wee bit loud, but since I could cover my face, I thought I could get away with it. So in the end it was Moroccan Abaya meets funky Bohemian Chic's purse, meets Catwoman like mask, of course I cannot get away from the head scarf... at least I thought I was colour co-ordinated to the max... so whadya reckon ladies... ok? not ok? dissapointing? hmmm I leave it up to you! Of course I did not win best dress! Get real! Plus there were some who went to all the trouble to rent and deservingly won... pictures please scroll down. Once, the official pictures come in I shall upload more, in the mean time here are some from my trusty compact and from Z's and other colleagues.

It was held at a hotel in town, right smack in the middle of KL. As I have mentioned in the previous post, it was gonna be a girls' nite out for me as hubby is away on business. This happens to be the first time that I have attended my office dinner on my own.
Lady luck was on my side, as hubbies of 3 other ladies from my group also couldn't make it due to one reason or another (bless them really!) So it was decided only the day before the dinner itself that we are all going inspite of the "missing" husbands and together!! I nominated myself to become the designated driver due to logistics reasons.  After 3 pick-ups and a wrong hi-way exit we did make it to the hotel on time and in one (or rather 4) piece (pieces).

These are all our 4 masks. Yes we came into the hall, fashionably late and masked!!! Talk about making an entrance... (the hall was dark by the way, so noone really saw or bothered!!! ha!ha!). Anyway... on with the menu for the night. I chose beef.

The Menu.

The Appetiser - prawns, not my favourite seafood, but I liked this dish,
it was light and simple with an interesting sauce.

The Soup -wild mushroom, loved it.

My Beef dish served with asparagus, carrots, scallops and mashed potatoes - not bad.

The chicken dish.

The fish which was salmon, lovely sauce.

The dessert, a hazelnut mousse & chocolate fudge sponge
with pralinosa sauce (whatever that is), it was good though, sinful but good.  

L:R - Leen, Z of Just my 3 cents thots and Me.

 Z and Leen.

 Group picture with Izam(with Silver handheld mask), Azleen (without mask),
Boon (wearing glasses) and Maisura (in pink scarf).

Izam and Hubby.

 Maisura and hubby.

Izam was the only lucky one at our table who won a lucky draw prize. As for the entertainers for the night. There was one singer who sang while we ate... sorry didn't take a picture of her, perhaps later when the official photos come in, I'll put it up.

Then, it was Atilia... good voice, ok performance but rather mmm how shall I put it as nice as possible... mmm not that memorable performance of the night. I envy her slim figure tho. Sigh!

This was the line up for best dress. If you look closely at the guy 2nd from the left, he is actually wearing an Ironman Mask ok, which was what my daughter suggested my hubby should get if he were able to attend. We (my daughter and I) actually laughed it off as being ridiculous and so off the theme. However, ladies and gents... he actually won best dress - male category!!! I know!!! Nuff said.

And the winner for best dress was this girl in purple, told you well deserved win!
(Picture courtesy of Azleen with the lovely Speedy in her arm)

 Azleen and I came out of the hall to take a picture together when Azleen spotted...

Ferhad behind the pillar waiting for his turn to come onstage.
Azleen wanted a picture with him, so I thought... why not! he!he!

Yes, we were all expecting Dayang Nurfaizah, however she cancelled at the 11th hr due to flu or something, and at the last minute they managed to get Ferhad! Ferhad ok!

Ferhad, the man of the night.
Simply divine performance, excellent song choices and voice and OMG he was hilariously funny and entertaining. He really was the saviour to what would have been quite a boring dinner. Thank goodness for small favours.

Ferhad singing Rock with ya!

Masked maidens in a row... errm except for Linda at far right.

The four of us unmasked!he!he!

Ok all... that's it for my ADD update this year.
Same time next year... hopefully with an easier and saner theme! :-D


Azleen said...

i loike lar gmbr kita ber-2..nanti email ek? mmg lucky tol lar kita kuar jap kan..after nyanyi ferhad teroooss balik..sib baik sempat lambai dia...

Lady of Leisure said...

wow sangat2 best okeh... semua cantik jelita.. makanan pun yummy2... hehehehe...

TK said...

I am sure u had the most wonderful time..the food..sedapnya..makes me hungry.

nj said...

okay...tu la dia ye....nice!...where did you get the mask from? in case I nak cari kat KL tu...

can ili be akmal? said...

wah maksu zila ili cute nya pakai mask.cik eti pon cute jugak.wah,i dont really like wearing mask bcuz it really bother my nose.hehe.that's mean i cannot be a superhero wearing a mask.but,i kinda have a strange interest about wearing a purdah.funny
thanks for follwing my blog.I have another blogs too.do follow


Eti said...

Azleen, yes lucky. Nasib baik jugak I ambik gambar ngan Ferhad gak kalau tak sure sekarang I nyesal kan?

Lady L, thankssss!!!

TK, yes, I had a great time with the girls...

Nj, mask tu I beli kat Teddy Tales je kat Pavvy.


Ya, maksu ili mmg sangatlah comel :-D, dia kata ili nak duit raya lebih eh tahun nie??? hi!hi! will check out ur other blogs as soon as I can...

NZZ said...

girls nite out should change to mommy's nite out..wohooo...can do this again

Eti said...

Z... yes!yes!yes! I agree totally!

eynda said...

wow...curlasssttt :-)

Eti said...

Eynda, sekali-sekala mak2 nak melaram.... dgn topeng2 siap!!! :-D

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