Monday, April 26, 2010

Farewell for Azlyn.

This is another group of life long friends, we have known each other since we were in school. I was the new comer since I joined the school (an all girls school) when I was in Standard 6. I have known Azlyn a little longer ever since we were in Standard 4 I think, because we went to the same religous school. The great thing about our group of 11 or so friends is that we weren't all in the same class. We only re-grouped in the mornings before class and during breaktime and since we were in a day school we don't spend much time together after schooling hours either. Yet till now we keep in touch even though not on frequent basis, we still keep in touch. Enough to know that we will miss Azlyn now that she is in Cairo following hubby who has just been re-assigned.  

We met up for a late lunch at Alexis, GEM two Sundays ago for a simple farewell. It was just the 5 of us, Carol (who is back for a sabatical of some sort from the UK), myself, Eva, Azlyn of course and Mariza. The rest could not make it. Some had other plans and another half of us are actually scattered everywhere around the globe.

Azlyn and her not so new found hobby in the form of 500D.

Azlyn showing Eva some candid shots of her.

Carol and Mariza.

Me and Azlyn.

Azlyn - hope you are reading this... what about the pictures from your camera? Do email them yah! Hope you are settling ok over there!!! Looking forward to your blog!!! Do start one woman! Take care.

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