Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekday lunch get-away with ex-B babes.

Last Friday, Nadd had this brilliant idea of kidnapping me at work during lunchtime to have a quick lunch with Yaya at her beautiful home. Since I was promised that I would be safely returned to the office on time, I obliged (it wasn't really difficult to convince me, really!). Nadd packed some lunch from a restaurant nearby her office, picked me up and wizzed us to Yaya's.

Quick info - we all met when me and Yaya were both management trainees at this B company way back in 1999. I left the B company in 2000 and yet we still keep in touch all these years.

Nadd and Yaya unpacking our lunch feast. 

Yummilicious dishes in a row.

 Buttered prawns, Mango salad, Fried Veges with Salted Fish
and Chicken Cooked in Chili I think. 

 Piece de resistance - Tomyam.

 My plate - yes they were trying to break my no rice diet fast. I relented. Sigh!

 Yaya the lovely host.

  Me and Nadd.

Our poor attempt at taking a picture together. As you can see cam-whoring is a common binding element of our sistahood!!! Until the next session babes. Love ya'all. 


Lady of Leisure said...

hi wow blog baru btw wht hppned to the old one? memang ada kuota ke untuk upload pics ek?ya ampun takut lak i...

Eti said...

Hi Lady L, Iya blog baru sebab blog lama tu sudah sangkut!!! I pun tak perasan. No actual notification until I nak tukar profile picture baru keluar message. Otherwise it only showed Server Rejected whenever I was trying to upload pictures... 3 hari stress!!!

Nadia said...

i lurve it!!!!!

eh mana cerita hanging out with the dude from dubai eh?

Nadia said...

thinking of starting a blog gak lah nanti

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