Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While you (Nayli) were in school all day... (Part 2)

Nayli dearest, this is where we went after the playground session last Saturday. It was a bookstore that belongs to Aunty Mary's (yes Mary Yap, you're Aunty Mary!) brother. Aunty Mary and I have been friends since school. She has told me about the bookshop ages ago, in fact most of my friends have been to the shop many times already. It's just that I have not had the chance to take you kids there earlier. Since Papa was around last weekend, I thought I'd go check it out so that we could go on our own next time.

The bookshop is called BookXcess and is situated at Amcorp Mall, Level 3.

Here's the entrance.
Look at the sign, all those books cost less than RM10!!!

There were even the Little Miss series.

Yup! It is in Malaysian Ringgit Nayli!

Zarif was so excited to find his Bionicles Book Series.

He just cannot decide!

I found books by my current new found fav author for only RM17.90!!! 
This is not even the regular RM35++ copy but the RM52.90 one.

There was even those in hardcover for only RM19.90, but I didn't take that one because it's difficult to handle. The range of the Chic Lit books available is just Amazing!!!

Zaim was too exhausted after the playground that he was asleep the whole time we were at the bookshop or else he would have loved to see the collection of Picture Books just right for his age group.

I also found a book that is just my blog's namesake he!he! I should get it next time.

Papa headed for the Sports/Games, but eventually ended up with a Teach Yourself Mandarin Audio CDs that were less than RM25!

I also found the whole Twilight Saga even in hardcovers all selling at less than RM20. Good thing my Twilight "Saga" were all courtesy of Aunty Izam or else I would have shed a tear or two thinking the amount that I could save buy purchasing them here instead!

That's me waiting in line at the check out area with all the books. Never have I needed a basket while shopping for books before. I really can get use to this.

Zarif was the happiest because he got away with the most number of books. Imagine, the Bionicle series at RM2 each (there was even a RM1-3 only area!!!) when it would have easily cost RM14-RM17 outside!!! He also got an Encyclopedia on Dinosaurs for below RM20!!!

The whole lot not more than RM130! Yup, you got two books too! You love them right? That's ok, we can go again next time so that you can choose your own books.

I got a free book mark with charms for signing up for membership or was it for spending above RM50 since they were having a special World Book/Reading Day or something like that.

So are you really excited to check out the bookstore? Don't worry I don't mind going again since I also spotted many many shops that were oh so inviting, not to mention the flea market that was going on while we were there. Maybe we could do a girls only thing next... he!he!he!


AA said...

book xcess. we were there last sunday. mmg rambang mata. 1/3 harga mph. :-)

CiKaYu said...

wow..harus pegi ni eti. cant wait for a weekend.....murah banget dong...

Eti said...

AA, ooh dah pernah pegi eh? best kan? I pun suka!

Cik Ayu, mesti pegi ok, memang murah banget!!! :-)

Nadia said...

ok lah mommy
naseeeebbbbb baaeeekkkk mommy belikan books for nayli
tak jadik merajuk 2 abad


Nadia said...


buku2 ilmiah like GMAT practice questions ada tak?
sekian terima kaseyyy.........

Eti said...


Nayli's Mama will never forget her!!!
Alamak buku2 ilmiah tak perasan lah, check out the website lah babe!

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