Saturday, April 24, 2010

Window shopping for Shoes.

Are you those strong-willed individuals, the type when your're not supposed to shop you do actually AVOID going to the shops altogether? Well, I'm not! Ha!ha! I still go on ahead to oogle and salivate at every thing imaginable and oogle-able. But really, already I'm refraining from shopping, do I have to refrain myself from window-shopping too?

To me, window shopping is like browsing through magazines, just better coz you gotta test out the goods and sometimes, they do cast a spell on you and without you realizing it, you will suddenly get home with the goods in your hand! You understand what I'm saying, I KNOW!!! Glad we're on the same page. Read on...

A few days back during lunch time, Z simply thought that she cannot live another day without shoe shopping coz she really does not have ANY shoes at all to wear! None, whatsoever! Yeah, like I need a valid reason. Of course, I agreed to follow her shoe shopping! What better way to miss a gym session other than to go shoe shopping!!!

We zoomed straight to our favourite brand, Clarks. Sometimes this brand do have "not-so aunty" designs enough to be considered fashionable! Yes, I have a couple that I have worn and received a few compliments, so that's not bad right? Well, we love Clarks coz the design is ok and first and foremost it is so comfortable. I broke  my "no heels ever rule" by wearing Clarks wedges! Now I feel like I can wear heels even when I am taking the train home. Managed to take some pictures while shoe hunting.


Fell in love with this clogs. I am sooo into mules and clogs. Love em!

Love this one too. So comfortable!

Z trying a couple of pairs. (Bought them both, nice!) 

I saw a couple of GEOX that I fell in love with, the price turned me off though even with a 10% discount. It looks just like the pair of loafers that I had when I was studying.

And this one, I am one ballerina flats freak too! Gorgeous and again, it is a GEOX, same reason as above. But then again both shoes combined, may not even get me half a Jimmy Choo, so when I'm feeling really lousy and needing a pick me-up I might revisit this section of the store, if you catch my drift!

Last one, I tried this lovely thing by Joy and Peace. Nice, but really I already have a black patent sling back, I need something else, so I guess I just have to go on searching. Until my next expedition. Ooops! what am I saying here, I was just accompanying Z right? I wasn't looking for any shoes at all, honest!!

note to readers: I do apologise if the pictures of feet put you off but how else can we discuss shoes without them being in them? :-D


eynda said...

Suka semua wedges tuh :-)

Yummy Mummy said...

Isk dah lama tak shoe shopping...;)

ERMAYUM said...

cantik gambar kaki :D
ha clark now design da muda muda skit kan but 300 tu i dapat 2 kasut eclipse tu heheh but rasa comfort clark tak leh lawan so berbaloi la kan :)

zarin said...

i suka yg u tried tu tp sure tk beli sbb malas nk buckle buckle :D

Eti said...

Eynda - cantik2 kan, and very comfortable too! If money is no issue, mmg I beli sume!! he!he!

Yummy Mummy - me too! Good reason to do so now isn't it? :-D

Ermayum - I tak sempat lagi nak try Eclipse as u suggested... soon!soon!

Zarin - I rasa kalau dah adjust betul2 boleh slip on je kasut tu.

NZZ said...

just lovees the shoe that I bought time kita gi lagi for you to get the clogs tu pulak...

CiKaYu said...

kat mana clarks yg u pegi ni dear? coz dlm pic tu ada wedges i suka dah takde stock kat bnyk tmpt.....

Eti said...

Z, aisey... racun nampak!!!!

CikAyu, this is in Isetan KLCC.

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