Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Labour Day... labourers???

Happy Labour Day (a day earlier) people!!! Today is a lovely unexpected holiday for me cause I totally forgot that it's an off day (as a replacement for 1st May that falls on a Saturday) until only a couple of days ago! Gonna be enjoying my day away from the office. Wohoo!!! Hope you all have a good day too!!!


NZZ said... best..whatever free holiday (like this one) yang tak minus from annual leave mmg terbaekk....especially..when it is "unexpected" rite!!

Ray said...


My office tak ambik pun that replacement holiday:(

Takpe la, it's still Friday mood for me, meaning..hehhehehe..banyak dok rilex2 je:D

cikayu said...

jelesnyeeeeee...cuti sakan lah tu

Eti said...

Zzzzz, I was down with a slight temperature last Friday laaaa... Tak jadi klua shopping ptg tu as planned. Sangat sedey!!!

Ray, your office don't take replacement holiday cam nie keee... alaaa kedeks ek?

Cik Ayu, cuti sakan... terbaring sakan sebab tak sihat laaa

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