Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting up with an Ex-B dude and dudettes!

You know how sometimes, you have life-long friends even though you only spent a short while with them. I've been lucky that throughout my life I have made those kinds of friends here and there. A particular group of friends that I'd like to blog about today are friends I met when I was a management trainee at this B company. This was my 2nd job. This was 11 years ago ok, I only stayed in that company for about a year and obviously did not complete the training program. However, we still remain friends till now. So far we have made to all the weddings, I think. The only two guys who are maintaining their 1999 status is Ade and Razak both sitted at opposite ends in this picture below. 

Happy Days circa October 1999
Standing from L-R: Amryn & Yaya
Sitting from L-R: Ade, Me, Nadd, Choo & Razak

A week ago, Mr Bachelor no. 1,  Ade who is now working in Dubai came down for a two weeks holiday. Finally after so many years, we met again. The last time he was back last year for Hari Raya, we didn't meet. Since all us girls are happily married, we were pretty anxious with the fact that Ade remains single till now. At the end of the 3 hours with him that day over pre-dinner drinks and dinner, we still could not get any other word from him as to why he is still still single and available other than... Eti, it's complicated! Sigh!!! (the sighing comes more from us than him really). Though we were assured that yes, he still likes women! Thank god!! he!he! The meeting was not planned, luckily I had my camera with me, so I promised him I will be putting him on auction in my blog. So, Ade this update is dedicated to you...

Ade -  didn't know you were camera shy.

Yaya holding on to Ade's thick fat wallet! OMG! Yeay, we were pretty excited by it.

Peace? Gosh, is this the best that you can do??? Tsk!tsk!tsk!

The most available bachelor flanked by Yaya, Nadd and me.

My dinner - the chicken chop in Mdm Kwan's is so huge ok, no joke,
 as big as the plate it came in!

My fellow interrogators being fed to death to minimise questioning!

Mr Interrogatee (or rather Interro-goatee! hi!hi! get it?) stuffing himself
too to avoid answering questions, what else.

On a serious note: Ade and girls, it was lovely seeing all of you! Hope we can do this again soon, this time with the other guys as well huh! Ade, happy going back to Dubai to your lovely Z3 (oops did I just say that?) and, Ade it was nice meeting you again after all these years. Hope the complicated situation would get uncomplicated soon yah! We'd love to attend your big day. Any chance of holding it in Dubai and we'd get paid tickets to attend???

On an even more serious note: Any single girls out there... leave a comment if interested. ha!ha! I'm afraid you'd have to pass us three ex-B girls first ok! ha!ha!


ERMAYUM said...

namapk hensom sekarang dari dulu iye heheh nasib i da kahwin kekekek (gelak gatal)

NZZ said...

free promo..ha ha..tunjuk gamba keta baru gempaks..ha ha

Nadia said...

meh nak promo lagi...

kalo dalam gambar hensem, in the flesh laaggggiiiiiiiii hensem...
the epitome of tall, dark and handsome gitu..

he speaks the language of luurrvvveee (read: bahasa perancis), not choosy in food (bagi jek apa yang sedap, mesti makan punya) and currently an expat!

eh nanti ada time i tambah lagi k?


Eti said...

need I say more??? he!he!he!

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