Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple Abundance Lesson January 16

Post image for Simple Abundance: a Daybook of Comfort and JoyI thought for this year 2011, I'd like to share with you lessons that I think is worth sharing from a couple of sources that has been (or perhaps in future may be) my constant references. For my first update today, I'd be referring to the book that is always on my bedside table and I'd often referred to sometimes for a little bit of inspiration and comfort. It's Simple Abundance :  A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

The way this book was written was the chapters are by month and in each month, there's lessons for every single day of the month. I would quote paragraphs from the very day I choose to publish my update. Hope you enjoy reading and find a bit of comfort and joy from the lessons.

January 16 : A sense of order: cultivating contentment

The lesson that I learn from this is that in order for us to experience calm and order in our daily lives is to ensure that there is order that surrounds us.

As Sarah put it; If you feel constantly adrift but don't know why, be willing to explore the role that order - or the lack of it - plays in your life.

I have felt this way sometimes, utter and complete mess at the office. So what I would do is to declutter my desk, sort everything out, keep those notes that needs filing, throw unwanted printouts and sort my cluttered drawers. Of course the chaos just doesn't immediately vanish and the deadlines remains. However after my desk is more sorted, the mess cleared away, I am in a better position to think and get on with my work.

It works the same way too when we are at home. Kids getting on your nerves, meals to be prepared, toys scattered everywhere, bills unpaid, laundry to be sorted, bedsheets to change? Arrrrgh.... Start one room at a time, or wanna go on an even smaller scale? Start with one cupboard at a time or one task at a time and breathe normally along the way. As long as everything around us and within our control is in order, there seems to be an energy out there that will guide us in making the right decision and experience calm and serenity along the way, if God wills.

***** so whadya think, like what you just read? let me know, and I shall continue sharing with you.


Ermayum said...

suka :) i suka buku2 cam ni and quotes too apart from romance of course- i memang rasaserabutkalau kelilig i serabut:)

CiKaYu said...

love it!....same to u, kalau keliling dh serabut, makanye satu hari suntuk i serabut...hahah

Eti said...

Yeay ada response...thanks ladies! okay I akan update... oh please god harap2 dapat cari masa to update. so difficult these day.

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