Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Public Holiday???

I cannot believe that I am actually moaning the fact that there is yet another Public Holiday! That's really insane right? Who doesn't want a holiday? Okay, of course I love another holiday. Additional day to add to my measely 21 days a year of annual leave. It's just that right now, at this very moment , every precious work day is precious (Oh my god! Somebody just print this update and forward this to my boss okay!!!). I need MORE days!!! Up until this particular submission that is due sometime in March! Until then, I wish there is no public holiday, no long weekends and no long Chinese New Year break! Arrrrrghhhhh!!!!

Right, since it's a Public Holiday today anyway, I shall enjoy it (as much as I possibly can.. ha!ha!ha!). Taking a break before another crrrazyyy day at work tomorrow! Hope you all out there have a good day off today. Let's chill!

Happy Thaipusam!!!

Note: Another reason I'm not so happy with this day off is because hubby is away, so Boo!


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