Saturday, January 22, 2011

Discovering new things at the Science Centre.

I have never taken the kids to the National Science Centre. During the last school holidays, I thought instead of going to PETROSAINS again, why don't I take them to the National Science Centre. There was a Dinosaur exhibition going on then, however, the rest of the exhibition halls were closed due to upgrading works, ALL exhibition halls! Really dissapointing for the kids, the centre was quite big with about 3-4 floors. I don't understand why they have to upgrade all the halls at the same time. Do they really think that the 30 odd dinos are enough to keep the kids amused, and to make the trip worth while. Good thing we live in KL. If people actually took a couple of hours to drive all the way to the centre, it would have been for nothing. Anyhow, all is not lost, even with the exhibition halls shut and the kids just had the dinosaurs to check out we did spend almost 4 hours there! Amazing! Imagine if all the halls were open. We'd be there the whole day, and I'll need a wheel chair by the end of the day, wouldn't I? Check out some pictures. 

Just arrived, and they were welcomed by two huge pre-historic creatures.

In the main Dino Alive hall, Zaim refused to enter because it was all dark and the dinosaurs' roars (do they roar? hmm you know what I'm saying, I'm no Dino expert unlike Zarif)... were loud enough to scare him. So, we ended up outside sitting at the bench. Luckily they had these young guides who helped me to take Zarif and Nayli into the hall.

I did try to drag Zaim in for a shot, this was just a brief smile which was followed
by a loud scream for me to take him out! Oh, well I tried!

Rrrrrrroar!!! It is roar... right?

Ok, dino buntings are okay! ha!ha!ha!

Air-filled Dinos are okay too!

There was also a toddlers' play area, where Zaim had a fun time exploring.

Zaim was still afraid of the big guy there though.

Row, row, row your boat.

Science show.

Zarif took part in an experiment.

We went to the Dino area twice, this time, Zaim was the one who wanted to go in...
 but we lasted only 2 minutes!

Hey, what have we here????

A sleeping dino?

Wow, moving too.

It's Dino Alive.

The kids loved it.

It's just like a living creature, battery operated of course.

Then they spent some time at the discovery area, trying out
several experiments.

I guess I should take them to PETROSAINS again, since they love all these
interactive science discovery stuff. Hmmm, next holiday maybe kids.

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i dapat ticket cimb bagi lum pg lagi nampak cam best ja eh

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