Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Congratulations Captaid Zed!!!

During the school holidays last year, I attended a blogger friend's wedding on December 5th. Yes, this is a truly belated update. Zed, if you ever read this, belated congratulations bro, and many happy returns of the day.

I was early, inspite of attending only with the children, since hubby was away on business. I was impressed that I could actually find my way in the heavy depths of the housing estate in Ampang! One major achievement for the year, plus attending a wedding without hubby but with all three kids in tow! Hurrah!

A picture with one of my oldest and best buddies at work, Azleen. 

Zaim playing with his brother while waiting for Uncle Z to arrive. 

Zed and his beautiful bride.

The only other shot of the couple. Sorry Zed for not staying longer.

On the way back, not without some take-aways. :-)

1 comment:

captain_zed said...

hihih.. awesome.. thanks for comming kak.. sorry saya lambat.. tetinggal payung.. biasala kalut.. tapi mujo sempat jumpa korang!

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