Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am ready for a change but...

Assuming I am tired of my Blackberry and assuming I can choose between two new gadgets to replace my Blackberry, I think I would strongly have to consider between these two:

1) iPhone 4

2) hTC - HD7

Never been much of a fan of touch screen phone, I had a change of heart when fiddling around with my cousin's iPhone and viewing the iBook application and after comparing the speed the FB application between BB and iPhone. I am not so hooked on FB, but still....

Anyway, my only major concern with iPhone is that I no longer would be able to connect to my office's outlook calendar, since the office totally blocks iPhone application!!! Shouldn't have this problem with the Windows based hTC, must remember to check with the IT blokes though.

What shall it be then??? Hmmmm..... if I were to go out and get a new phone tomorrow, which one shall I choose?


CiKaYu said...

eti, i'm not a gadget person.selalunye if hubby recommend something new in market, i just blur je... :)

Eti said...

I pun bukan lah gadget freak pun setakat berkenan kan phone2 hebat je, ha!ha!

Miss S said...

Hi which one did u choose? :)

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