Monday, August 16, 2010

Durians Galore

Brace yourselves durian lovers! Especially if you are reading this during the day! He!he!he! Sorry, this is a backlog entry which is so over due. My hubby has been going on and on about this Raja Kunyit variety that apparently surpasses any other type that I have tasted ever before. So, last weekend I said, enough is enough, I gotta to try it to believe it, take me to this place then! FYI, I am not much of a durian fan actually, hate the after taste and the burp, Yuck!

We were lucky, when we reached SS2, there was only one pack Raja Kunyit left.
Phew, that was close, to have driven all the way to SS2 to have a taste of this thing...

The King.

My verdict - yes, it is good!

Nayli loved it.

Zarif was the photograher, as he was too sleepy to appreciate it.

Zaim was asleep throughout.

Poor thing, would have loved to see his reaction while eating the durian.

We had icy cold coconut drink to wash down the King of the fruit.

Notice the empty shelves behind us? Hubby said when he came during lunchtime on weekdays, the shelves were packed with durians! This place is a serious durian haven! Check it out people... perhaps for your sahur??? is in PJ by the way, check out the website for directions.


Lady of Leisure said...

wow ni yang buat i nak cari durian jugak ni.. masih ada lagi ye skrg i tot dah habis musim..

eynda said...

Siap ada website ek :-D

Eti said...

Lady L, tak taulah i pegi tu weekend sebelum posa. but if you go to their website, you can just ring them and ask.

Eynda, very the hi-tech durian seller gitew kan??? :-)

Miss S said...

we love this place! rm10-15/person eat-all-u-want.. heaven!

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