Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jab time for Zaim again.

A few weeks back, Zaim was taken to the hospital again for another shot of immunisation that was due since he his 2 ++. As usual, he didn't know what was coming poor boy.

First he was measured - his height.

The circumfrence of his head.

Then Dr. Iean did his thing. Oh oh, Zaim is looking a little nervous there...

Yauza! The jab thing. He screamed a bit, but recovered quite fast.
He!he! We figured it's because he has plenty of fat around the thigh area. Muahaha!

While waiting for the paperwork to be settled, I tried to take a picture of the kids and their dad... but to no avail! Just look at the following shots!

Oh, well better luck next time then.


CiKaYu said...

cute sungguh muka nervous zaim tu...

Drama Mama said...

hahaha comelll! at least zaim strong tau! nangis kejap ja. my son masa jab 2 years tu...memang drama king. sehari suntuk dia tak nak jalan...terbaring ja kat umah. hahahaha

ERMAYUM said...

tensi kan mesti ada ja yg tak ready hehe

Farah Y said...

Way to go, Zaim!

Eti said...

Cik Ayu... dia tau kot, sure sakit kan... sian!

Drama Mama... terbaring whole day? Zaim lepas tu,we all bawak jalan terus,tapi dia naik stroller la. Ada la dia complain peha dia sakit2! Kejam betul mak dia nie kan?

Erma, memang tension nak ambik gambar they all nie.

Farah, thank goodness, all jab sessions have been quite a breeze. :-)

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