Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd day iftar dish - Home made Roti John

On the 2nd day I was already stumped at what to cook for iftar, so I called hubby in the morning at work. What does he feel like having for iftar today, since we had rice yesterday. He decided that he wanted me to prepare Roti John, I just tried this at the end of last month. My first taste of Roti John ever, believe it or not I have never tried this ever, not even the Pasar Malam ones! Suddenly I had the urge of trying to cook the dish myself after hearing my friend explaining how simple it was when her husband (a part-time but big time caterer if you must know) made these at home.

I made them about 3 weeks ago, and had gotten rave (if I can say so myself, he!he!) reviews from my fans ha!ha!ha!. I have pictures to prove, it's just that I didn't have the chance to update the full blown testimony of my 1st try at preparing Roti John.

Nayli's and Zarif's Thumbs Up!

My youngest fan's thumbs up! (both mind you!)

So I was confident to cook it again for iftar.

So here's my version of Roti Jack John.

The ingredients:

Mince Beef
Tomato Puree (I only used 1 or 2 tbsp)
Worcestershire Sauce (1 tbsp or so)
Fresh Green Chillies
Red Capsicums
Spring Onions
Tiny bits of button mushrooms
Hot Dog Buns sliced sideways not completely though

Prepare all the ingredients, finely shredded or cut into small pieces works best I guess.

Prepare the bread, if you wish the outer bun to be toasted as well, you can, so that it's crispier and less soggy after cooking. Either toast it over your toaster or dry fry them on the pan.

I added the beef mixture to the egg mix bit by bit so that any leftovers could be kept for sahur the next day. I had more leftover that I could freeze them for hubby's next urge for Roti Jack John!

So, what you do is ladle in the beef and egg mixture like you would when preparing omelettes, only that you place the buns face down on the beef and egg mix like the picture above. I use butter here instead of oil, I guess one can use either.

Having this fish turner (longer than usual) helps to lift up the whole bun.

I would flip it/clamp the sandwich on the server bowl. This bit is a little tricky as you do not want the bun to split into two. The egg should hold it together quite well.

Ready to be served.

I made some salad and sauted mushrooms to accompany the Roti Jack John.

There you go, easy peesy lemon squeezy, a wholesome all in one dish. Have you got your own version? Share with me yah!

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zarin said...

my hubby loves roti john but i sungguh tk suka..rasanya takkan buat kat rumah kot hehe..teruk punya isteri kan!

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